Where there’s Smoke, there’s Fire!

I have been working on a new presentation that would explore one of the many ways these stings are a steel trap for our unsuspecting loved ones - namely court ordered 'therapy'. After my presentation last fall at the NARSOL conference, a situation arose with a co-advocates son. He, like all who take a plea … Continue reading Where there’s Smoke, there’s Fire!

Let’s ask The Doctor

It's been a very busy few weeks for us here, as we ready ourselves for our interview with 'The Doctor'. When I think of The doctor I tend to think of this guy, above...because, well, I'm a nerd. And I love scarves and time travel. But this guy isn't really a doctor. Or this guy … Continue reading Let’s ask The Doctor


As I write this our world turns upside down. The wildfires just endured by many U.S. states were horrendous. Here in Oregon our skies were labelled, briefly, the worst air quality in the world. No small feet when you think of cities and countries known for the pollution haze they create. Just more proof that … Continue reading Uncertainty

How hard could it be???

I previously mentioned the 'attempted' statute from WA state on my blog. That's the one in Washington that LE is using to put these men in prison - most of whom have no interest in children. Yet one thing they all DO have in common is the desire to have sex. Not very surprising. The … Continue reading How hard could it be???

Conflict of Interests

I've seen a number of prime time medical shows, be it House, The Resident, etc - where a conspiracy is underway. Someone looking for fame and fortune is running tests on a new cure for... CancerInfertilityMale pattern baldnessYou name it! In an effort to get more financing from a university, drug companies, our government... a … Continue reading Conflict of Interests