Not then, Not now, Not ever

There are a lot of things, in Jace case, that just don't make any sense. Like many ensnared in one of these proactive stings Jace was looking for a consensual adult with whom to hook up, and maybe a relationship.... While the police officers were trying to lead Jace into writing exactly what it is … Continue reading Not then, Not now, Not ever

Kiddie Porn

I was recently at a pro active sting trial. I was listening to a specifically difficult testimony given by Detective Carlos "god told me to save the children" Rodriguez. The lawyer for the defense, an outgunned but capable, compassionate man, interrogated God's personal Detective about the statistics and numbers being thrown around willy nilly. Per … Continue reading Kiddie Porn

Here piggy, piggy, piggy….

Yesterday was a very difficult day. After months of fighting we arrived at the day of sentencing. I sat in the courtroom for four hours while case after case went through. At one point I worried I was going to pass out. I sat ram rod straight and don't think I moved much more than … Continue reading Here piggy, piggy, piggy….