Let Freedom Ring

A friend of mine, caught in the Whatcom county proactive sex sting, told me that Governer Inslee will be on Bill Maher's show tonight! (5/3) Governer Inslee is from WA state and has put his hat in the ring of Democratic presidential candidates. The problem is that Washington state is a proponent of mass incarceration: … Continue reading Let Freedom Ring

The inability to say ‘We were wrong’

As the Washington state illegal proactive stings continue to be prosecuted, we are starting to see the appeal courts chime in. Until now they have mostly affirmed the outrageous police created charges, prosecuted with the highest thinkable charges when the 'predator' has the audacity to go through trial in an attempt to prove their innocence. … Continue reading The inability to say ‘We were wrong’

Not then, Not now, Not ever

There are a lot of things, in Jace case, that just don't make any sense. Like many ensnared in one of these proactive stings Jace was looking for a consensual adult with whom to hook up, and maybe a relationship.... While the police officers were trying to lead Jace into writing exactly what it is … Continue reading Not then, Not now, Not ever