These boots were made…

As I try to get all my ducks in a row so I can leave this beautiful, logical, ethical, and legal state of Oregon, I feel a bit like I’m heading into the Lions Den.


Oregon does not partake in Illegal police / ICAC proactive stings. The Oregon ICAC task force, from what I am told, runs proactive stings on websites where people are actually LOOKING FOR MINORS. Hey, that kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

But I’m leaving this state to go spend the better part of a year up in Washington State – where we KNOW illegal proactive stings are being run, costing people the lives they once new, and gaining WA state millions.

I’m a little scared.


If Washington State can run these stings, and have no consequences for their actions – how safe will I be? What if I end up in court for something up there?

  • In a state where mens rea (intent) isn’t necessary to prove.

  • Where evidence in a case is taken in the light most favorable to the state?

  • Where someones predisposition is ‘proven’ by being involved in an action?

By Washington state’s definition – that would mean one is predisposed to every thing they do!



According to the Dictionary:


The definition of a predisposition is a tendency, or something that is likely to happen.

Ummm, Likely to happen and happened are not the same, are they?



So what if I make a rolling stop at an intersection and there is a pedestrian walking somewhere on that SAME BLOCK???


What if I give money to a bum – AND HE HAS THE LAST TIP OF A JOINT ON HIM???


What if I stop in a grocery store to make faces with a baby and the mother says I’m ‘sketchy’??


How can an entire state, or an entire nation, not see the folly in what is going on here?

I am scared.

We all should be.



Christmas Present

Doing my best to try and enjoy the season. Getting a tree and decorating this weekend.  I’ve been having trouble, for the last six months, allowing myself to enjoy much of anything. Christmas will be taking it up another notch.


Christmas past, future, and present all come to mind this year, more vividly than usual. Raising my boy I always tried to make Christmas morning big for him, and then later, after adpoting his brothers, for all three of my boys. Of course this all really started with my nephew James – I had great practice spoiling him every year. I have a wonderful card from James he sent me when he was maybe 12, stating that he’s always excited every year to get a box from me no matter what’s in it.


Our James is over seas this year fighting to keep our country safe from threats abroad. He’s the handsome rogue third from the right.

But as Uncle Billy so aptly puts to Mr. Potter in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, “After all, Potter, some people like George HAD to stay at home. Not every heel was in Germany and Japan. “


My nephew James is risking his life, while back at home our government is enticing, tricking, and luring young men into servitude for created ‘crimes’. Why? So they can

steal your tax dollars in the name of keeping YOUR FAMILY safe!

What a racquet!

Our family has, and still is, serving our country and citizens. We fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness. Americans are not supposed to enslave others for profit  – did we learn nothing from the ill gotten gains of slavery?!? Isn’t freedom of speech, to manage our own lives, to protect ourselves from indiscriminate search and undeserved imprisonment – aren’t these all the reasons we came here?


Without these truths and freedoms, what are we doing here? Without these, Christmas present and future hold no sparkle for me.


Worry Wart

I’m normally a pretty together person – not overly prone to useless worry or fretting. But at this point of Jace and my journey I am having an odd combination of worry and anxiety. I’m sure it’s completely ‘normal’ but not for me.


All during Jace incarceration in Clark County Jail (the last six months) I have been able to communicate with him almost daily. I saw him every Sunday for visitation. Previous to that he lived with me for 21 of his 22 years of life. Jace and I are what some would call unnaturally close. In truth he is not only my son but a very close friend to me. We enjoy each others company. That’s not always true of adult children and their parents, and I know I am blessed in that regard. You might think it’s just me being reluctant to let go, which I am as a parent, but that isn’t really it. As a parent I know Jace is immature, has trouble completing things he starts, has failed to launch out into the adult world. These characteristics have made raising Jace quite difficult at times.

But as his friend those things don’t matter. He is incredibly giving, witty, so funny my cheeks hurt and I laugh tears. We talk and hug daily at home. These things are what keep Jace and I close. He is a good person – and I am a demanding judge of character.


My son has been in the Washington Correction Center for the last 8 days. He was able to call me once, for a few minutes. We are unable to email. Either its not allowed or its just that confusing and we haven’t figured it out yet.  It’s not been for a lack of trying.

This time is a different sort of hard on me.

In a way I feel like I am under water, swimming across the bottom of a long pool, almost out of breath but refusing to give up until I feel the wall on the other side of the pool. Then I can raise up to the surface and take a long, much needed breathe of air.


For me, that breathe of air will be when I get to see him face to face, no wall of glass between us, and finally hug Jace in Shelton, for the first time since he was taken from me on May23rd.

You fell for THAT?!?

Scams have been run all over the world since, well forever. Scams are merely a way of selling something that isn’t yours to sell. And the most profitable SCAMS are the ones you don’t even realize are SCAMS!

Slavery sells human beings:


Raping the environment sells our natural resources:

images (2)

Human trafficking and prostitution sells sex:


Financial deceit sells ‘get rich quick’ schemes:


All scams reap the same reward – MONEY

So when you find law enforcement spending time enticing and luring young, naive men, who have no criminal history or prior disposition for such, into prison for doing NOTHING MORE THAN CONVERSING WITH ANOTHER ADULT that is trying to trick them, what do you think that could be about? I’ll tell you what it’s not about…

it’s not about protecting you and your families!





Everyone remember at the end of ‘Its a wonderful life’ where the bank clerk Eustace is counting the money on the table from the basket of money dumped there? He picks up a bill, hits the key on the register, and you hear a ‘cha-ching’ sound? One right after the other?


And little Zuzu says…

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”

download (2)

I wont be able to watch that scene anymore without thinking of our government, and police, raking in the money as they arrest unsuspecting people hoping to engage in legal hookups and dating.

I imagine some police person, who may, but likely will not, have a conscience and concern over ramifications from their accusations, pressing the cash register button with every online reply to a proactive ICAC sting.


After all, they make approximately $100,000 per conviction right? CHA-CHING!!

Some good news is that I am seeing a number of Judges balking these practices. Like these comments on a previous case:


This is a case about the line between fantasy and criminal intent. HN1[] Although it is increasingly challenging to identify that line in the Internet age, it still exists and it must be rationally discernible in order to ensure that “a person’s inclinations and fantasies are his own and beyond the reach of the government.” Jacobson v. United States, 503 U.S. 540, 551-52, 112 S. Ct. 1535, 118 L. Ed. 2d 174 (1992)

We are loath to give the government the power to punish us for our thoughts and not our actions. Stanley v. Georgia, 394 U.S. 557, 565, 89 S. Ct. 1243, 22 L. Ed. 2d 542 (1969). That includes the power to criminalize an individual’s expression of sexual fantasies, no matter how perverse or disturbing. Fantasizing about committing a crime, even a crime of violence against a real person whom you know, is not a crime.

This does [**4]  not mean that fantasies are harmless. To the contrary, fantasies of violence against women are both a symptom of and a contributor to a culture of exploitation, a massive social harm that demeans women. Yet we must not forget that in a free and functioning society, not every harm is meant to be addressed with the federal criminal law. Because “[t]he link between fantasy and intent is too tenuous for fantasy [alone] to be probative,” United States v. Curtin, 489 F.3d 935, 961 (9th Cir. 2007)

Can’t those with power find ways to keep people safe, without infringing on rights or ruining young, naive men’s lives?



There were two prosecutors in Jace case.  Jeffrey Paul McCarty was the initial prosecutor. A tall, slender man with flaming red hair. My Attorney said he was ‘A good guy’. He stated to my attorney that Jace case was the most dependable of the current sex sting defendants.

When I ramped up the action with a draft of our civil suit delivered to the Vancouver DA’s office, and the subpoena for the ICAC training manual, another attorney came on as well.

Jonathon Young, Civil Division Chief Attorney at City of Vancouver

Both attorneys, McCarty and Young, have full immunity against whatever they said or did to help convict Jace of this ‘crime’. Yet additionally, either could have entered a statement saying that prosecuting Jace would not serve justice, thus releasing my son.

$$$ But then they wouldn’t get paid. $$$

In my guesstimate, each successful prosecution of a ‘sex offender’ nets the state of Washington $100,000 in funding. This is paid by both the federal government, which is you all’s taxes – you PAID Washington state to prosecute Jace! And by the state of Washington, who pays the ICAC task force with money originally slated for teachers!

So in Washington, and every state, there is an incentive to convict induced, entrapped, victims of this police overreach. The people prosecuting these victims have everything to gain and NOTHING TO LOSE! They cannot be held responsible for their actions in the courtroom. They are allowed to lie, twist, harass, and create ‘evidence’ as they wish.




While the police, and prosecutors, go on the record and report to the communities that Jace, and those caught in these stings, sole purpose for being on the internet was to have sex with a child. They dramatize and sensationalize these events to twist the public opinion.

My youngest son had me read a report of his yesterday about how big business controls the public impression:

“When I asked my roommate about what he knew about the McDonald’s hot coffee case he said, “I thought she was just a stupid woman, who was driving and spilled hot coffee on herself.” After hearing this I told him that he fell for the U.S Chamber of Commerce Goal: they asked the media to hyperbolize the story and created absurd memes—Most of the public fell for this narrative. I showed him the clip from the documentary Hot Coffee and he changed his view— he was shocked by the woman’s injuries and felt amazed that he had fallen for the false story line the U.S Chamber of Commerce had spread.”

Those of you who do not believe these proactive ICAC stings are not big business have not been listening. The stings are a billion dollar fiasco that trickles into the nations MULTI BILLION dollar prison business!

I was sent this very good video by FAC today that holds some good news – people around the country are starting to listen. Help spread the word to end the US absurd interest in all things ‘pedophile’


Click this link to watch:

California educational video


A boy walks into a prison…

images (1)

My son leaves for Shelton tomorrow.

My sister tells me I sound better now than before or right after the sentencing. I think that’s because sentencing relieved the situation I had been sitting in for the last six months. I am pragmatic by nature. Solving puzzles is what I do for a living as a computer programmer. I am relieved that I have a goal to reach now, and a time frame for which to do it in – one more year to get through this next phase.


But like so many things in life, the ending of one thing is just the beginning of another. My stress is relieved about the sentencing. We failed. But we received one of the lowest prison sentences given to date on these atrocities. I’m trying to find a phrase to say it is a decent outcome to a bad situation, but really it’s not. There is no decency in sending an innocent young man to prison. To be marked with, as my friend Ara says, a scarlet letter for the rest of his life. Yet I am relieved. I know so many get more time. How that’s even legal or possible my mind can not fathom.

My son leaves for Shelton tomorrow.

download (1)

“Hi honey – i know i just saw you, and you know how very much i love you, but i also know you are scared- as would i be in your shoes. It is OK to be scared. Know that I am right there beside you, whispering guidance and comfort in your ear. You and your brother are the most important things to me. I would be nothing without your love. Be strong. Make me proud with both your strength and compassion. Stand tall and speak the truth, as always.
Every breath I have I would gladly give for you.


LULAR is our secret acronym. Unique to my eldest and me, like our crab dance, ‘interesting’ comments, and all the secret jokes of 22 years of life and love.

This is the last message I have texted my son. We’ve texted nearly daily for the last six months through Telmate. We are not sure what happens next. Will we text daily still? Can I visit him more often in prison than jail? Can I hold him, hug him, kiss him, now that there is no window between our visits? Will he be safe? Please God, says the Atheist, keep my son safe.

My son leaves for Shelton tomorrow.

I plan to leave on December 16th, if everything works out correctly, to be nearer my son for the next year. I will be alone on Christmas, and New Years.

Please text me warm wishes on those holidays, I will need them all.