Destroying our own

Coming into the fourth of July holiday - I am reminded of this time a year ago. My son, innocent of any deviant intent, had just been taken from me. He had just turned 22. A bit old to be a momma's boy but he has always been immature for his age and he was … Continue reading Destroying our own

Speed Trap Ahead

When speaking to people on the subject of Illegal Proactive Police Stings I often hear the analogy of the similarities of these stings to 'speed traps'. That's an interesting comparison and one that I have found hard pressed to respond to people, so I wanted to write and explain the differences in hopes that the … Continue reading Speed Trap Ahead

What if…..

As I sit here waiting to hear from my son.... will the ISRB comprehend the idiocy of the situation presented to them?....I am playing a game of 'what if'. It's passing the time but not overly comforting. I'm thinking about Jace stuck in prison for another two years... what if...?? What would I do? How … Continue reading What if…..