What a Nightmare

In the early morning light my eyes slowly fluttered open. My groggy mind finding it hard to place the noise coming from below me. In that state of confusion, where things from the real world blend into fantastical happenings in a dream state, my mind could not yet process what woke me. But it did … Continue reading What a Nightmare

Haters Gonna Hate

Funny thing about people - those who are insecure about themselves, unsure who they really are or what their own value is - those people often find strength in the illusion of superiority. Tales from 'those people' inside Monroe Correctional Facility do not disappoint with their ignorance and small minded intolerance. For instance - Jace … Continue reading Haters Gonna Hate


I have been working with the Marion County Parole Office for months now trying to understand the next steps. Wonderful people over there so far. The problem is, someone thrown into these affairs doesn't know what to ask! It has come to my attention that applying for a transfer to Oregon, through prison, as a … Continue reading Conundrum

Another young man falls victim!

My son was 20, naive and awkward socally. He was never popular with girls in highschool. Nerdy, he led his robotcs team to VEX Robotics World Championships 2015 - 2017 he won many awards. He worked as a waiter at a Thai restaurant where my wife also works (Jonny is half Thai half caucasian). He … Continue reading Another young man falls victim!