Man walks into a bar….

Hello readers, sorry for the delay in posts. I have literally started four different blog posts and stopped each one. I have a lot going on and a lot to say right now, and am struggling with putting it all down into words. To start - a Jace update. Jace case file finally holds a … Continue reading Man walks into a bar….

Work harder or smarter?

We've all heard the adage 'work smarter, not harder' but that phrase actually changes meaning depending on what your goal is! There are two types of investigations run by ICAC and LE concerning sex crimes. One is reactive, the other is proactive. To me, it makes sense to follow actual leads where you know a … Continue reading Work harder or smarter?


Recently, in my government imposed, hermit mode, I have been watching a new series on CBS. The name of the show is Tommy and the lead character is Edie Falco, of Sopranos fame. I am drawn to cop, and lawyer shows - having worked with so many in my professional career. And this is, like … Continue reading Tommy

Rough Going

This was a rough week. Trump said it would be and boy was he right. Even a broke clock is right twice a day! Not only are we losing thousands of Americans everyday, tens of thousands of fellow human beings weekly, but we had a few setbacks in proactive stings this week as well. Another … Continue reading Rough Going

What a Sham(e)!

There seems to be a new, even more outrageous, game being played out by some LE agencies. I had heard from one person about this latest sham, currently happening up in N.H., where an arrangement is made between two consenting adults to meet up. This is made on an adults only website. There is no … Continue reading What a Sham(e)!