A permanent solution

Preparing for my appointment with a WA state member of the legislature, I am doing a lot of statistics and fact checking. One very upsetting truth to these illegal proactive sex stings run by the very people WE PAY TO KEEP US SAFE, is that when falsely accused many men choose to take their own … Continue reading A permanent solution

How to determine ‘Indeterminate’?

I had never heard of the word indeterminate before my son was falsely accused. Or at least I'd never paid any attention to it. I am a detailed person by nature, much to the dismay of my family and friends at times. in·de·ter·mi·nate /indəˈtərmənət/ adjective not exactly known, established, or defined So when the judge … Continue reading How to determine ‘Indeterminate’?

Let Freedom Ring

A friend of mine, caught in the Whatcom county proactive sex sting, told me that Governer Inslee will be on Bill Maher's show tonight! (5/3) Governer Inslee is from WA state and has put his hat in the ring of Democratic presidential candidates. The problem is that Washington state is a proponent of mass incarceration: … Continue reading Let Freedom Ring


The problem with bureaucracy is it's size. You think you've managed to make a difference, but it just doesn't change anything at all. Ahoy! Bloody Kraken's retreatin' !! HURRAY!!! As with most of our problems in life, we try to find ways of accepting, correcting, compromising, or doing without the thing that is causing us … Continue reading Leviathon