Sending the RIGHT message

Public safety, and public education, is all about sending the right message. Most people are aware, especially in this era, of what 'fake news' is. Unfortunately it seems to be spreading. It used to be, pre google days, that the information we received was from the TV news, newspapers, mailings, books, etc. Perhaps its now … Continue reading Sending the RIGHT message

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of bureaucrats?

Every time I reach out to someone, for information, it seems I am met with decent, reasonably concerned, trying to do the right thing, good people. So here's the is it possible that after two and a half years of chaos, one and a half years of prison, dozens of contacts, and hundreds of … Continue reading Who knows what lurks in the hearts of bureaucrats?

What a Nightmare

In the early morning light my eyes slowly fluttered open. My groggy mind finding it hard to place the noise coming from below me. In that state of confusion, where things from the real world blend into fantastical happenings in a dream state, my mind could not yet process what woke me. But it did … Continue reading What a Nightmare