Our worst nightmare

Those of you who read my blog because this atrocity has happened to you... this blog entry is not for you. This entry is for the people who love you. For your parents, grandparents, siblings, children, extended family, coworkers and those friends that stood by you. The ones who, even if they didn't agree or … Continue reading Our worst nightmare

I just deRealized…I’m in trouble

Watching one of my shows recently, in which there is a scientist, a priest, and a psychologist, I came to a realization. They were discussing a type of depression that happens when your world no longer makes sense. When what you knew to be true, just suddenly isn't. It's called derealization. In this case, cultural … Continue reading I just deRealized…I’m in trouble

Where there’s Smoke, there’s Fire!

I have been working on a new presentation that would explore one of the many ways these stings are a steel trap for our unsuspecting loved ones - namely court ordered 'therapy'. After my presentation last fall at the NARSOL conference, a situation arose with a co-advocates son. He, like all who take a plea … Continue reading Where there’s Smoke, there’s Fire!