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Illegal Police ICAC proactive stings circumvent laws and steal taxpayer money, by manipulating our emotional, instinctual fear of child abuse.

Online sex sting sparks debate

Police run ILLEGAL proactive stings where they are supposed to be looking for pedophiles. Yet each prosecution nets the state a lot of money. So instead of following the rules in the contract signed by each police division of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children), they break the rules creating ‘criminals’ out of law abiding citizens.

You see, these proactive stings are NOT ALLOWED to post to consenting adult only websites, but they do. Why? because unsuspecting men, looking for companionship in the right places would have no reason to doubt an adult was really corresponding with them. Additionally, police will send out photos of the ‘minor’ using an actual photo of an adult police officer. If that’s not enough to make you think you are talking with a consenting adult, when you get to the agreed location, the adult from the photo will come out to greet you. When you enter the home you are ARRESTED FOR ATTEMPTED RAPE OF A CHILD!

You might not believe this is true, that police would be so dishonest. My son didn’t believe it either and he is about to be sentenced to six years to life.


Please read my blog as I unfurl this cultural atrocity. Having first hand knowledge I will expose these truths in the hope of educating people and creating change. At some point I will want to start a petition with our concerns to pass to my local representatives. I hope you will continue to read, forward to friends and family, and eventually assist me in my outcry of injustice. Thank you for your interest.