I previously mentioned the ‘attempted’ statute from WA state on my blog. That’s the one in Washington that LE is using to put these men in prison – most of whom have no interest in children. Yet one thing they all DO have in common is the desire to have sex. Not very surprising.

The other ‘attempted’ crimes in the statute include drugs and murder. I don’t think it would be very easy to trick someone into showing up to kill another person. Nor to come buy a kilo of meth! But could they trick men into traveling to meet a potential sexual partner???


Pretty sure that wouldn’t be very hard to do. Get a picture of a pretty woman. Young, but not so young that you KNOW she is a child. Post her picture saying she is looking to meet up, hook up, date, booty call – I’d bet the ad could even just say she needs a ride to the grocery store – put it on a dating app – and hundreds of men will answer.

Or say you are a single mom looking for company with your kids. Anything wrong with that? Nope. Nothing. And many of our men have fallen for it…. like taking candy from a baby.

You, as the man, tell the woman what she wants to hear, knowing you are only interested in getting to know her better. Maybe have sex. Maybe date…..

She’s into fantasizing about being a little girl with a big strong daddy? OK. She gets off talking about her first time, is maybe into things you aren’t into – that’s fine, you’re not going to engage in any of that – you’re just going to go meet the woman. And there is nothing wrong with that either!

Who would ever think going to meet a woman for the first time would get you arrested? No one.

And THAT’S why this scheme works so well for law enforcement. Because of that statute, public bias against the labels used in these cases, loose to non existent procedure requirements, and collusion with prosecutors, LE is guaranteed a win!

But what is the legitimate public safety reason to do all this?

There is none.

5 thoughts on “How hard could it be???

  1. It makes me so angry and no one will help, either because of political reasons or money.


  2. Hi Kathleen, I have an idea, tell me what you think. It’s not going to change on a local level. We NEED to raise awareness and have our voices heard. We can do more collectively than individually. I think we need to set a date and tell everyone we know to send letters on that date to their federal representatives and just pepper them with stories and information. We need to start demanding responses and ACTION. And we need to do it repeatedly until they can’t ignore us anymore. I want to write to people like Glen Beck and the Jones guy (I can’t remember his name) who are willing to talk about injustices and post things online. I know we’ve been intimidated into not talking because of threat of hurting cases, but that’s also what needs to be said. This needs to be a fight. This is a corruption and an evil and we need our combined voices to fight back. If we don’t start somewhere then who will do it and when? Maybe then someone will join us who is willing to fight and push a civil suit. My dad is writing to an attorney in California who has taken on the government before, and someone else. We just can’t give up for our own children’s sake and future children and mothers and husbands and families. I am willing to do whatever is needed, and do it repeatedly at nauseum if needed.

    I hope you’re well. Love, Becky

    On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 5:31 PM The Lady Justice Myth wrote:

    > LadyJusticeMyth posted: ” I previously mentioned the ‘attempted’ statute > from WA state on my blog. That’s the one in Washington that LE is using to > put these men in prison – most of whom have no interest in children. Yet > one thing they all DO have in common is the desire to h” >


  3. You have to be careful with Glenn Beck (this would be a good question to ask/start with). He has some involvement with “The Nazarene Fund” which contributes or has some involvement with Operation Underground Railroad which has helped contribute to the Operation Net Nanny out of Washington state. Over 291 people arrested as a result of these sting operations. Without OUR’s $171k contributions over the 4-5 year program it may have happened but perhaps with less intensity. We need to be careful where we send our donations as we hopefully are contributing to the greater good but that may not be the case.

    You can look at OUR’s website for their tax returns and details of involvement.


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