No time to fix the broken system



noun  al·lo·cu·tion  \ ˌa-lə-ˈkyü-shən \

Legal Definition of allocution

a formal speech; especially one made by a defendant at the time of sentencing

I previously wrote you all about how to ask your child to lie. Jace refused. Now I am trying to figure out how Jace can possibly show any remorse, when all he feels is betrayed.

Unbelievably, this is the stage we are now facing. Sentencing. August 23rd at 3:30.

So what do you say to the judge who found you guilty when you are innocent?

“Hey Judge, I am so grateful you were smart enough to believe the lying police officer. I was worried there for a while that perhaps telling the truth, and complete cooperation would fool you into believing me! PHEW! That was close!

Even though the ICAC task force follows a list of rules that are unpublished to anyone without a badge, I was concerned that maybe you too would have read the Attorney Generals requirements for a LEGAL proactive sting. Fortunate for me, you have no idea what is required to stay in the good graces of the Attorney General’s ICAC federal funding. Way to take one for the team judge. No sense rocking the boat, right? Washington State is making a mint off all these illegal stings, and I know your kids need new shoes too.

And the facts of the case, namely how I looked for sex on an adults only webpage, along with receiving and meeting a woman well over 18, didn’t deter you at all.  It didn’t even make you ASK how that could be legal! WHAT A RELIEF!!

So yea, it shouldn’t matter that I am generous to a fault, the first to help someone in need. That my loving mother installed in me right from wrong, good from bad, truth from injustice at an early age. My learning disability that kept me from my career dream job shouldn’t be taken into consideration for this horrible crime I didn’t commit. Nor the scientific fact that critical parts of the brain involved in decision-making for young men are not fully developed until years later at age 25 or so. Hey! I was 20! Close enough right??

To be completely fair, you should probably lock me up for life. You never know when someone might suddenly SNAP!


Thanks judge, I’m so glad I have had you to look out for me – IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE.”