Man walks into a bar….

Hello readers, sorry for the delay in posts. I have literally started four different blog posts and stopped each one. I have a lot going on and a lot to say right now, and am struggling with putting it all down into words. To start - a Jace update. Jace case file finally holds a … Continue reading Man walks into a bar….

Work harder or smarter?

We've all heard the adage 'work smarter, not harder' but that phrase actually changes meaning depending on what your goal is! There are two types of investigations run by ICAC and LE concerning sex crimes. One is reactive, the other is proactive. To me, it makes sense to follow actual leads where you know a … Continue reading Work harder or smarter?


NARSOL - the National Association of RATIONAL Sex Offender Laws is hosting their annual conference as a webinar in a few weeks. I attended this live event last year in Houston Texas with another woman who's son was ensnared in these police proactive stings. It was very informative. One thing that came out of our … Continue reading NARSOL

Everyone plays games…

This post was on briefly a while back. At that time Joe was being sentenced and asked me to pull the article until the judge had made a determination. Joe is now in prison.... here is his story. Right after Peek-A-Boo, you learn Role Play. We've always done it, it's how children learn. Did you … Continue reading Everyone plays games…