As I was creating and filling out some of my blog pages with names and information, I made this page as a ‘moving forward’, what to do, how to help page. I started my blog while still in complete and utter shock at the conviction of my ridiculously young, naive, and trusting son. In his arrest video the police officers tell him he’s in the ‘hot seat’. He replies “no I’m not” completely believing, as his mother foolishly taught him, in this  United States, the power of honesty, and the diligent, ethical, self sacrificing police department. At that time it quite literally brought tears to my eyes – the page with the title of ‘HOPE’- that sat empty. Not only on my blog, but in my minds eye of each page’s  future info, and in this mother’s crushed spirit. I knew of nothing I could put here.

A few weeks into this post trial hell, I started satirically laughing when I glanced to the right most title. A half huff, half snort, with a low growling chuckle would cross my lips. “HOPE”. As if there is any. As if anyone other than my closest family and friends gave a damn about my boy, this injustice, our corrupt government.

Then on June 13th, in what have been my thousandth or so web page search and reading, in the seemingly futile effort to help Jace, I came across the following article…

Federal Win! (click to read)

And for the first time – I felt the smallest fluttering of HOPE.

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