We’re on TV now

It's no surprise to anyone that I have been very depressed for a while now. In truth we are all straddled with such pain and oppression within this police corruption / government scheme that it's a miracle we can even survive, in my opinion. I completely feel like George Floyd with Chauvin's knee on my … Continue reading We’re on TV now

Predators in Police Clothing

Written by Linda, a CAGE member and supporter. You’re a Washington State Patrol officer with Operation Net Nanny. It’s an Internet Crimes Against Children task force and you’re on your way to arrest an innocent man. The dirty jokes fly during the ride but the scripts your commander writes for you to lure these guys … Continue reading Predators in Police Clothing

So much to do, so little time

I started writing this blog because of my pain, frustration, indignation. In the beginning, I wrote a few times a week. Then weekly. Then it seemed I could barely get one out every few weeks. Now its been what? A month? More.... I remember talking with one of Jace early attorneys...he said that while most … Continue reading So much to do, so little time