Welcome to the party, Mr. Gersh

I entered a 'whistleblower' complaint against ICAC operatives in WA state over two years ago. As did other parents of young men swept up in their wide nets. I received a form letter back, at that time, basically saying 'Not our problem'. After the TImes article was printed I wrote back to the U.S. department … Continue reading Welcome to the party, Mr. Gersh


As I write this our world turns upside down. The wildfires just endured by many U.S. states were horrendous. Here in Oregon our skies were labelled, briefly, the worst air quality in the world. No small feet when you think of cities and countries known for the pollution haze they create. Just more proof that … Continue reading Uncertainty

Unplausible deniability

I apologize for missing a blog entry last week. It's been a very odd time for me - busy, stressful, uncertain. I have had quite a few new people find me who are also victims, or loved ones of victims, in the 'entrapment for money' Ponzi scheme concocted by LE across the country. When last … Continue reading Unplausible deniability

Ummm…excuse me….Mr. ICAC?

Those of you who read the article know that Jace was arrested through the ICAC task force. Most 'net nanny' stings in WA state are run through MECTF (Missing and Exploited Children Task Force). Different name, same corruption., same focus - money, not children's safety. I just wrote all 61 ICAC Task Force offices across … Continue reading Ummm…excuse me….Mr. ICAC?

It’s about (the new york) Time(s)!

Thank you Mike Winerip. The much anticipated article, that Mike and all of us here fighting this racket up in WA state have been working on for TWO YEARS, is finally here!! Please read and pass along to everybody you know, and even some you don't! Thank you all for your unrelenting support of Jace, … Continue reading It’s about (the new york) Time(s)!