Law and DisOrder

I watched an interesting Law and Order this week. For those that haven't seen it, there was a government official using his office for sexual extortion. Yes, Virginia, some people operate unethically. This man, who worked in immigration, happened to be a Xenophobe, and only exposed his true nature when trying to implore Assistant District … Continue reading Law and DisOrder

Lessons not learned

While reading an article about losing the last of our worlds Holocaust survivors, I was struck by many similarities with the police proactive stings. Phrases like 'all the same vices and weaknesses as today‚Äôs young people', 'neither heroes nor monsters', 'pride turn into self-righteousness', and 'fake news'. Now I am not saying, in any way, … Continue reading Lessons not learned

Just another Day?

Today is looking up, at least on the outside of things. Jace has a new Parole Officer. Her name is Heather Day. I met Heather the day I met Jace last Parole Officer, Sloan Krueger. Sloan was not very friendly, which is fine but not necessary. Heather, on that day, gave me more logical, practical … Continue reading Just another Day?

"We have bad news"

Thursday Morning, January 2nd, 6 a.m. I am awake and thinking of my son's release from prison. Today is day 589. The day I have been waiting for since they removed my son from my arms in the courtroom. The day the corrupt judge, prosecutors, and police officers, decided to twist the law to their … Continue reading "We have bad news"

Day 589

To these men, and boys, whose lives have been, at a minimum derailed, for some - lost entirely - I tribute this post of numbers. The following numbers are all based on data collected form Sam and myself, or data from Jace and my personal experience. These numbers ONLY relate to people caught thru a … Continue reading Day 589