Another young man falls victim!

My son was 20, naive and awkward socally. He was never popular with girls in highschool. Nerdy, he led his robotcs team to VEX Robotics World Championships 2015 - 2017 he won many awards. He worked as a waiter at a Thai restaurant where my wife also works (Jonny is half Thai half caucasian). He … Continue reading Another young man falls victim!

In the deep end of the pool

I feel as thought I haven't taken a full, deep breath in over two years.The surface is just right there...I can see it, and if I reach my hand out, stretch it as far as possible, and then just a touch more, it seems I could break through the surface. But I never do. The … Continue reading In the deep end of the pool

Destroying our own

Coming into the fourth of July holiday - I am reminded of this time a year ago. My son, innocent of any deviant intent, had just been taken from me. He had just turned 22. A bit old to be a momma's boy but he has always been immature for his age and he was … Continue reading Destroying our own