It’s been a very busy few weeks for us here, as we ready ourselves for our interview with ‘The Doctor’.

When I think of The doctor I tend to think of this guy, above…because, well, I’m a nerd. And I love scarves and time travel. But this guy isn’t really a doctor. Or this guy below, again because I’m a nerd…and William Shatner was once cute.

But the real doctors, those with degrees, experience, research and passion for science are rarely listened to by our courts. We KNOW that the human brain continues to grow and mature to at least the mid twenties. Study after study shows excessive impulsivity, lack of registering consequences, and general lack of maturity. We often call this ‘angst’ or ‘naivete’ when referring to the group of men aged from the upper teens to middle twenties.

Yet this group is consistently one of the highest represented in arrests and prosecution for police proactive stings. Easily argued that they are entrapped, not because they are looking for children, but due to their angst and naivete.

In the state of Washington there are a number of possible options for judges to reduce sentences from a standard range. One of those is youth as a mitigating factor. But many judges refuse to use the option for fear of looking soft on crime. Instead of acknowledging brain and social science, which well documents reasons for leniency for youth, they feel compelled to send a then 20 year old to prison for a decade or more. Marked with a class A felony for life, these youth have really no hope of even coming close to realizing their potential in their lifetime.

Truly these sentences and purposeful entrapments are the crime here, not the men going on adult sites looking for adult companionship.

Many of you have been reading this blog, and our story, for years now. I started this to reach out to others for information, understanding, support. We did the New York Times article to reach a broader group. We are currently taping for a television interview. Our hope is to raise public awareness to these practices – so much so that eventually law enforcement are forced to stop them altogether. I know I am aiming high, but we can only go up after being falsely accused as a person looking to harm children!

In the month of December you should all see our story again in the news and on TV. This time, we will get Dr. Phil’s (also not a real doctor) perspective. I’m excited to hear what the doctor thinks. Wish us luck!

7 thoughts on “Let’s ask The Doctor

  1. Well it kind of sounds like this might be your destiny. I wish you all the luck in the world. Just be your genuine, logical, tenacious, thorough, inquisitive self and you’ll do great!


  2. Dr. Phil is not a medical doctor, but he does have a Ph.D. degree. He is an expert in what he does.
    Anybody with a Ph.D. can be called a doctor, you know like college professors.
    He’s not licensed to practice because he’s never practiced in California. He moved to California to start his show. Doesn’t make sense to get licensed if you’re not going to practice. Why spend time getting something you don’t need and won’t use?


  3. Good luck with Dr Phill….he is very conservetive ….pro police….

    Get Outlook for Android



  4. I suspect the question Dr. Phil might ask and many do, is why not stop when you hear the age. Those who ask that just do not understand online dating. Those people are lost in their own world; they simply need to be educated. It IS a numbers game. You have to send as MANY responses as you can, you keep the conversation going no MATTER what. You try to see who is real from who isn’t. In many cases things do not add up–there are perhaps more fakes out there than real people. Sure, it is easy to say one should turn away when an ages is thrown out but this IS an adult website (dating or hookup). If one were in a teen or child chatroom, ICQ, etc. or similar things would be different. Law Enforcement will say things so the target let’s their guard down and hook them. Keep in mind one may send 10 messages in a day and not get any responses so when you get one of interest you respond. Real child trafficking is something you will be paying for and will be under sketchy terms or offshore. What law enforcement is doing is a ruse. They are making sex offenders out of law abiding citizens. They aren’t solving any problems hanging out in dating and hookup sites. Let’s hope we can get that point across to the general public.


  5. The fbi did operation pacifier. First how disgusting is that name and second they revictimized kids yet again.
    Hmmmmm. Oh and do your research, they released stuff on ifunni.

    Anything for money


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