What a Sham(e)!

There seems to be a new, even more outrageous, game being played out by some LE agencies. I had heard from one person about this latest sham, currently happening up in N.H., where an arrangement is made between two consenting adults to meet up. This is made on an adults only website. There is no … Continue reading What a Sham(e)!

Best Laid Plans

As a computer programmer I understand, probably more than most, the power of perception. I have a favorite cartoon that perfectly exemplifies how extreme different perspectives can look: A few of my favorite parts of this analogy include how those 'selling' the project extol it's virtues, and how documentation and support are non existent 🙂 … Continue reading Best Laid Plans

Honest Reporting?

I was listening to a radio station in the last few weeks, and heard the phrase - "100% true, American made, fake news" Or something close to that. I laughed out load, alone, in my car - I found it that funny. The scary thing is its true - Americans make fake news. It's not … Continue reading Honest Reporting?

Law and DisOrder

I watched an interesting Law and Order this week. For those that haven't seen it, there was a government official using his office for sexual extortion. Yes, Virginia, some people operate unethically. This man, who worked in immigration, happened to be a Xenophobe, and only exposed his true nature when trying to implore Assistant District … Continue reading Law and DisOrder