Thou shall not covet…but if you do it’s IRRELEVANT!

We've had a terrible loss, up here in WA state. Another man's appeal was denied. Jace appeal is due to be decided on September 4th. We will not know for a number of months after what the outcome is - we anticipate he will win on a concession to his sixth amendment right. Amendment 6- … Continue reading Thou shall not covet…but if you do it’s IRRELEVANT!

How hard could it be???

I previously mentioned the 'attempted' statute from WA state on my blog. That's the one in Washington that LE is using to put these men in prison - most of whom have no interest in children. Yet one thing they all DO have in common is the desire to have sex. Not very surprising. The … Continue reading How hard could it be???

Conflict of Interests

I've seen a number of prime time medical shows, be it House, The Resident, etc - where a conspiracy is underway. Someone looking for fame and fortune is running tests on a new cure for... CancerInfertilityMale pattern baldnessYou name it! In an effort to get more financing from a university, drug companies, our government... a … Continue reading Conflict of Interests

Man walks into a bar….

Hello readers, sorry for the delay in posts. I have literally started four different blog posts and stopped each one. I have a lot going on and a lot to say right now, and am struggling with putting it all down into words. To start - a Jace update. Jace case file finally holds a … Continue reading Man walks into a bar….