NARSOL - the National Association of RATIONAL Sex Offender Laws is hosting their annual conference as a webinar in a few weeks. I attended this live event last year in Houston Texas with another woman who's son was ensnared in these police proactive stings. It was very informative. One thing that came out of our … Continue reading NARSOL

Cat and Mouse

I have a dog, Max, who is a mouser. Having lived previously in Baltimore that came in very handy! No joke - we had huge rats! One thing Max does is disable them, and then play with the body. And the initial chase? He LOVES it! I would say it is his favorite thing to … Continue reading Cat and Mouse


Recently, in my government imposed, hermit mode, I have been watching a new series on CBS. The name of the show is Tommy and the lead character is Edie Falco, of Sopranos fame. I am drawn to cop, and lawyer shows - having worked with so many in my professional career. And this is, like … Continue reading Tommy

Rough Going

This was a rough week. Trump said it would be and boy was he right. Even a broke clock is right twice a day! Not only are we losing thousands of Americans everyday, tens of thousands of fellow human beings weekly, but we had a few setbacks in proactive stings this week as well. Another … Continue reading Rough Going