You Fool

This week, April Fools day, I played some jokes on my family. We've been so busy of late that they completely fell for it! Forgetting what day, or even month, it is 🙂 3253-000120 But the day does make us think about gullibility, and others view of the reality of what is happening to our … Continue reading You Fool

Best Laid Plans

As a computer programmer I understand, probably more than most, the power of perception. I have a favorite cartoon that perfectly exemplifies how extreme different perspectives can look: A few of my favorite parts of this analogy include how those 'selling' the project extol it's virtues, and how documentation and support are non existent 🙂 … Continue reading Best Laid Plans

Honest Reporting?

I was listening to a radio station in the last few weeks, and heard the phrase - "100% true, American made, fake news" Or something close to that. I laughed out load, alone, in my car - I found it that funny. The scary thing is its true - Americans make fake news. It's not … Continue reading Honest Reporting?

Law and DisOrder

I watched an interesting Law and Order this week. For those that haven't seen it, there was a government official using his office for sexual extortion. Yes, Virginia, some people operate unethically. This man, who worked in immigration, happened to be a Xenophobe, and only exposed his true nature when trying to implore Assistant District … Continue reading Law and DisOrder

Lessons not learned

While reading an article about losing the last of our worlds Holocaust survivors, I was struck by many similarities with the police proactive stings. Phrases like 'all the same vices and weaknesses as today’s young people', 'neither heroes nor monsters', 'pride turn into self-righteousness', and 'fake news'. Now I am not saying, in any way, … Continue reading Lessons not learned