I’ve seen a number of prime time medical shows, be it House, The Resident, etc – where a conspiracy is underway. Someone looking for fame and fortune is running tests on a new cure for…

  • Cancer
  • Infertility
  • Male pattern baldness
  • You name it!

In an effort to get more financing from a university, drug companies, our government… a doctor purposely excludes people who they know will pull their success rate down. Or conversely, include people who will raise their success rate. I watched one show recently where the ‘evil doctor’ told people who didn’t have cancer, that they did have cancer, for the sole purpose of treating them with her miracle drug! How crazy cruel is that?!?

What this actually does is skew the statistics that will be used to show the worth of the collected data. Those in accounting call it ‘cooking the books’. It gambling it’s a ‘rigged game’. By any name it is a lie.

I was trying to explain recently that by creating proactive stings that collect data as ‘fact’, when the police know it’s all a lie, then skews the fact itself. If becomes self fulfilling. She didn’t follow me so I thought I would try to explain my thoughts more clearly on you all – to be ready next time I have such an opportunity.

Here is a quote from an article in 2009 with a detective from Deleware county, Pennsylvania:

 “Deery told me that she couldn’t remember ever arresting a child-molester who did not have child porn on his computer. It is all too easy to obtain.”

I read another article in 2014 that also stated a high percentage of people caught in these stings as having child porn – by that time – on their phones as well as their home computers.

Yet in a court room last year I heard a lead detective state that someone not having any child porn was NOT an indicator of their intentions. So what happened between 2009 and 2019???

My belief, and please tell me what you think, is that the police proactive sex stings stopped caring if the people they targeted, and then convicted using the social biases of our society, were truly looking for sex with children. We know that to be true.

Yet the statistics used for sex crimes comes 100% from police records…..so by targeting men NOT interested in sex with children, the statistics themselves are now invalid. The known indicators for a child predator are being erased, thus allowing police to stand up in court and state that a lack of child porn on an arrestees electronics is NOT indicative of their predispositions.

And that is the statistic they need to put more innocent men behind bars.

3 thoughts on “Conflict of Interests

  1. Did you listen to these oral arguments for a Florida defendant trapped in this scam?


    The prosecutor’s arguments are comical, but those very same comical arguments have actually worked with so many judges and juries.
    I’m glad these judges have enough common sense to know better and enough integrity to do the right thing. This defendant is lucky his case ended up in the hands of ethical people. There are way too many senseless and unethical people working in our system.


  2. If you want the court case and specific details I can provide them. I believe the % was about 6% had some form of child porn on their computer/phone. The detective noted that most do not have (he really had difficult with the statistics because they didn’t search everyone’s phones/computers–they didn’t need to). I was thinking humm, if that is the case they maybe you are not arrested the right people. Perhaps they need to turn their attention to the < 10% that do, and let the others go, or perhaps require counseling. Indeed these stings are done to pad ICAC statistics in order to continue the grant funding and jobs. They are NOT solving the real problem.


  3. Have you guys watched this video? These people seem to be getting it right. It certainly puts to shame the idiots that have been doing these sex sting operations on adult sites to supposedly catch “child predators”. Everybody doing these sex sting operations should be getting their training from these people.


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