Public Safety?

What can we do when we find that ‘Public Safety’ isn’t safe, and doesn’t serve the public? On my drive in to work this morning there was a segment playing on NPR concerning the long awaited closure of Guantanamo Bay. The reporter stated that an amazing thing occurred at this facility. The treatment of the … Continue reading Public Safety?

Sending the RIGHT message

Public safety, and public education, is all about sending the right message. Most people are aware, especially in this era, of what 'fake news' is. Unfortunately it seems to be spreading. It used to be, pre google days, that the information we received was from the TV news, newspapers, mailings, books, etc. Perhaps its now … Continue reading Sending the RIGHT message

Because they can.

You know the jokes...they all start with 'Why do...' and they're pretty funny, and completely true. But when it comes to people, hurting other people, because they can... well that's a different matter. And it doesn't make me laugh. Bail was created, not to punish those arrested with fines they can never repay, or to … Continue reading Because they can.

Educating the Ignorant

It's amazing how many people are offended by the word 'ignorant'. Ignorant does not mean 'stupid', yet it is used identically often these days. I was IGNORANT. Blissfully so, until this happened to my family. I wish we were still ignorant. The thing I find offensive is not that the public doesn't KNOW about what … Continue reading Educating the Ignorant