Destroying our own

Coming into the fourth of July holiday - I am reminded of this time a year ago. My son, innocent of any deviant intent, had just been taken from me. He had just turned 22. A bit old to be a momma's boy but he has always been immature for his age and he was … Continue reading Destroying our own

A permanent solution

Preparing for my appointment with a WA state member of the legislature, I am doing a lot of statistics and fact checking. One very upsetting truth to these illegal proactive sex stings run by the very people WE PAY TO KEEP US SAFE, is that when falsely accused many men choose to take their own … Continue reading A permanent solution

My, you are so OLD for ’14’!?!?

***This is another story of a man enticed by an adult, seeking an adult, arrested as a "pedophile"***   Should I be worried about going on an "ADULT online dating site" ? YES! Apparently that is the answer since Police and ICAC here in my state are now posing as ADULTS with pictures, and an … Continue reading My, you are so OLD for ’14’!?!?