Public Safety?

What can we do when we find that ‘Public Safety’ isn’t safe, and doesn’t serve the public? On my drive in to work this morning there was a segment playing on NPR concerning the long awaited closure of Guantanamo Bay. The reporter stated that an amazing thing occurred at this facility. The treatment of the … Continue reading Public Safety?

Sending the RIGHT message

Public safety, and public education, is all about sending the right message. Most people are aware, especially in this era, of what 'fake news' is. Unfortunately it seems to be spreading. It used to be, pre google days, that the information we received was from the TV news, newspapers, mailings, books, etc. Perhaps its now … Continue reading Sending the RIGHT message

Where? I don’t see it!

Jace best friend Simon (yes, the same Simon who told the judge Jace can be really stupid!) is the inspiration for the theme of this post. We just received today, via Jace appeals attorney Skyler Brett, notice that the prosecution has conceded that Jace constitutional rights were violated when he did not agree to a … Continue reading Where? I don’t see it!

A small victory

This week we received news from our friend in Florida. Our friend was arrested under a similar illegal proactive sex sting. He was enticed and entrapped as so many innocent men have been, and are still being, by law enforcement who say they are 'keeping us safe'. Just a new scheme for the MOB's 'protection … Continue reading A small victory

Red Headed Stepchildren

I found the FAC (Florida Action Committee) after Jace was convicted over a year ago now. I felt comforted that there were organizations fighting for the rights of persons required to register. I've enjoyed reading their articles and have donated to their causes. I've volunteered to assist them with projects in the past. While I … Continue reading Red Headed Stepchildren