Hello readers, sorry for the delay in posts. I have literally started four different blog posts and stopped each one. I have a lot going on and a lot to say right now, and am struggling with putting it all down into words.

To start – a Jace update. Jace case file finally holds a new entry. After over 8 months since the prosecution conceded that Jace 6th Amendment right was violated :

06-29-20Check case InformationDue

Let us hope this is a start toward getting at least ONE injustice reversed!

Other quick news, to be expanded upon more in another post – I am announcing my new website https://caps.us.org/. Please go there, look around, make suggestions, log into the community forum and add posts. This is by no means complete but I want us all to be able to utilize the forum and other information – a way to share our stories, victories, news, and resources. Please take the time to check it out and look around.

Of late my mind has been struggling with the ‘attempted’ crime statute in WA state:

 A person is guilty of an attempt to commit a crime if, with intent to commit a specific crime, he or she does any act which is a substantial step toward the commission of that crime.

This particular piece was written in 1975 (Sec. 9A.28.010).

The intent of the law is pretty obvious – a man starts to commit a crime, his plan is foiled by human intervention, happenstance, Murphy’s law…he is still guilty. The intended victim still needs protection, as does the public in general. Without this clause the man could go free, or only be charged with a much lesser, provable crime.

This piece of legislature has not been altered in over 45 years.

This particular statute is what qualifies these stings as class A felonies treated as if the crime actually happened, and sentenced that way as well. This piece is why, when officers look up my sons criminal record at this time, it reads “Rape of a child in the second degree”. It does not say ‘Attempted’. It does not say ‘Police initiated and manipulated’. No one in 1975 could have anticipated such a thing as a possibility!

So lets look at this from where this started….

A man walks into a bar…. in 1975 that is where you would go to meet a partner for sex. Any of us old enough to remember before online dating have done so. We would not have gone to a playground – as we were not looking for children. You enter the bar and see a pretty woman, sitting alone or with girlfriends. You send her a drink. She accepts and invites you over. You start to talk…. she says she is 13. She is in a bar. She is drinking alcohol. She has invited you over. She is clearly NOT 13. You don’t believe her, don’t care that she is lying, and have a wonderful evening together.

In todays world the ‘bar’ is online. You enter a dating website. You see the profile, or ad, of an attractive woman. You send her a message – a ‘rose’, a smiley face….the equivalent of the drink in the bar…. She responds and you start to chat. You swap pictures. She says she is 13. She is on an adults only site. She has responded to your ad. She doesn’t act or look like a child. You don’t believe her, don’t care that she is lying, and GO TO PRISON.

Wait! What?!? Same law? Same scenario?

When did meeting an adult for sex, in an adult setting, turn into a crime? Apparently it started in 1975!

3 thoughts on “Man walks into a bar….

  1. Excellent comparison!! Bravo!!
    Prayers for Justice for Jace.
    Congrats on the new website, I cant wait to check it out!!


  2. I think it’s so crazy that there are people who are supposedly so worried and fearful about what supposedly could happen to our country, like turn socialist, the government will start taking away our rights away, etc., when the worse that can be done by any government has already been happening in this country all along and has been done to so many people. What could possibly be worse than having a government that can at any point take anybody’s life, ruin so many people’s lives, and even murder innocent people for whatever reasons they choose? Seriously, what is worse than that? Aliens taking over the earth? I think anybody would prefer that over what our government has been doing. That was my response to a FB friend who is convinced that there are aliens walking among us, disguised as Democrats and globalists who will fully take over our earth by 2030. I’m just someone in denial who doesn’t want to believe it, just because I haven’t seen it, but I will eventually see that these reptilian aliens are here and are working on taking over us. This person, by the way, is a police officer, and he truly believes this. Remember, being mentally stable is not a requirement to work in positions like this. This is obviously a big problem and a logical explanation for why we have so much of these horrific things happening in our country.
    There are way too many of these stories and so many more yet to be uncovered:



  3. So many laws are out of place with the Internet. The police know it, the Government knows it, and the people are left at the mercy of it. Don’t use it and be left in the past, use it and be subject to interpretation of antiquated applications. I have a friend who had her credit card stolen by someone she knew casually. They used the card to purchase items online. She was told by her card company who it was. She went to the Police Station and filed to report this woman for theft, and they refused to do anything, as the woman had purchased an item online, and they don’t deal with internet crimes. That’s what they told her. And yet they create them, and arrest innocent people. It’s just whatever lie is convenient for that moment.


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