What is a petition and how do they work?

That’s a very good question. To be honest the answer is ‘I really don’t know’. Many months back one of you all (I think you Jeff) told me to go on Change.Org and create one. I definitely struggle to do all the things I can to move this issue forward. Sometimes it’s nice to try and ignore the issue, now that Jace is back home. But I know I can’t. Not for long anwyay.

With the current cries for police reform, and the public support these issues are now seeing, the time is right to push forward in new ways. So I created a petition.

Please go to and sign my petition if you have not yet already done so.


Stop police sign Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

What will this petition do for us? I can think of a few things it wont….

  • Cause an immediate stop to proactive stings
  • Reach every politician we need to speak to
  • Change the minds of those who don’t believe in what we are doing

But it is my hope that at least some things we all need to do can start to happen…

  • Create a list of persons interested in stopping these stings
  • Be yet another concrete piece of data we can bring when speaking to politicians
  • Show that each of our cases are NOT one offs by collecting similar stories
  • Bring support to all of us who have been forced through this journey
  • Reach others on change.org who are unaware of our plight

If we are REALLY lucky this COULD lead to….

  • Gaining positive media attention
  • Catching the eyes of a lawyer who would be willing to craft a class action suit
  • Find a celebrity who is willing to speak out with us
  • Find some talk shows that could interview us to attempt to alter public opinion

I thank you all for the support you have shown Jace and myself and promise to continue the fight. Enjoy your independence day celebrations, knowing that we have not stopped fighting for our human rights and civil liberties!

In love and support,


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