Working Hard vs Working Smart and the Myth that Young People are ...

We’ve all heard the adage ‘work smarter, not harder’ but that phrase actually changes meaning depending on what your goal is!

There are two types of investigations run by ICAC and LE concerning sex crimes. One is reactive, the other is proactive.

To me, it makes sense to follow actual leads where you know a crime has been committed. In October of 2018 there where approximately 6500 untested rape kits in the state of Washington. These are men, women, and children who have been violated and are seeking justice. They believe and count on the LE to do their job. In fact, it is often illegal to investigate a crime that happened to you, and is looked upon as vigilante style justice.

But I can list dozens of proactive stings that have happened in WA state over the last 5 years, accounting for thousands of hours of work from hundreds of LE officers.

So why so many proactive stings and so few reactive investigations? Simple really. Money.

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When a rape kit is processed, an investigation gets underway. This involves old style gumshoe work. It’s time consuming, tedious work requiring methodical focus to catch one perpetrator. If you’re lucky. The state spends a lot of money working each case. If they do find the person responsible then there is a trial involved, with ‘he said, she said’ debate, shaky witnesses, failing memories… convictions are hard to get. Reactive investigations are hard work.

BUT…when LE uses a proactive sting, and lures citizens who are not looking to break the law – convictions are as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. A typical sting will net between one to two dozen arrests, sometimes more!

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If that wasn’t reason enough for LE to work proactive, vs reactive, investigations…. each of the arrests receives direct funds from our very own Department of Justice!

Is the real injustice done here to the innocent man enticed into the trap? Who is no threat to our society yet will serve jail time, up to life, for something he never wanted or looked for? Or is the real injustice to the person who was violated but who’s rape kit, investigation, trial, and retribution are never going to happen?

I think the real injustice is that the public are led to believe that LE will do their job to avenge the violated citizen, and that they actually care about protecting the public from persons who would do harm.

In terms of harder vs smarter, reactive investigations would qualify as both harder and smarter in my opinion!

The truth concerning both reactive and proactive sex stings is that LE is out to make money while exerting the least amount of energy to actually do their jobs, keep us safe, and put the bad guys behind bars.

When did that become too much to ask?

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5 thoughts on “Work harder or smarter?

  1. You are ABSOLUTELY right!!! I’m forwarding you a document my dad (an attorney for 53 years) has compiled and written to send to as many people as we can to listen and see what’s really happening. We’ve sent it to AG Barr, our local AG, the local newspaper, and the local ACLU. We have shown that what they’re doing is not only wrong and for MONEY, but also violates the Privacy Act for regular citizens. This is evil and needs to change along with everything else in the justice and prison system that’s a failure.

    On Fri, Jun 5, 2020 at 5:47 PM The Lady Justice Myth wrote:

    > LadyJusticeMyth posted: ” We’ve all heard the adage ‘work smarter, not > harder’ but that phrase actually changes meaning depending on what your > goal is! There are two types of investigations run by ICAC and LE > concerning sex crimes. One is reactive, the other is proactive. ” >


  2. I sent this out to several of my friends so they can understand what the battle is all about. Much of the problem is that many do not understand the problem. Many in our society today think they know all the answers without knowing the questions!


  3. We know now about very unethical tactics police have been using for many many years, to create the cases they want, to force the convictions of innocent people they have chosen to wrongfully incarcerate. Coerced false confessions have resulted in the wrongful convictions of many of these innocent people. In the last few years there have been many exonerations, where innocent people who have spent many years in prison were finally proven to be innocent. In all of those cases the cause of the wrongful convictions were a result of police extreme incompetence, extreme maliciousness, or both.

    In the podcast Wrongful Convictions, you can listen to these stories. Unfortunately, there are so many of them. One can only imagine how many more innocent people are still sitting in prison because of the so many wrongful actions police have taken against so many innocent people.

    What has become more clear to me now is that what police are doing in sex sting operations, where they are looking for “child predators”, on adult sites is just a more modern form of these coerced confessions, where police manipulate (play psychological games) with whatever victims they choose, to force these victims to say the things they (police) want and need them to say in order for them (police) to create the cases they need, to look like they are heroes who are taking “bad people” off the streets and protecting everybody else from these “bad people”. One of the tactics they also use is that they don’t give up until they make someone say exactly what they want them to say. Police are trained to do this, and they misapply it all the time. They can, and have many times, completely created fake cases. None of it is real. It’s all made up by them. It’s very sick and twisted behavior, and their sick and twisted behavior is reinforced by everyone who believes them. So, of course they continue to do it, and they even get better at it over time, causing more and more destruction, damaging more and more lives, not giving a damn about anything or anybody else, but their own egos. That’s how evil works. The more you feed it it, the more it grows, the worse it gets.

    More and more people are now being harmed by this evil that has been going on and has been continued to be fed for so long now. It’s like being this evil becomes an addiction.

    I really believe this is what we have been dealing with. It’s no longer just police pinning real crimes on innocent people, to serve their own purposes. Now, they’re completely creating crimes, crimes that never even happened, using these same unethical tactics they’ve been using for a very long time on innocent people. What they are doing in these sex sting operations is just a more modern version of applying these unethical tactics they’ve been using for a long time, to trap innocent people, and use them to serve their own sick and twisted desires. They don’t give up until they get they what they want, at whatever cost to anybody else. How is that not evil?


  4. These prosecutors and police make criminals…the WSP is building their Net Nanny brand. The head of MECTF has grown the business from 2 detectives to 9. Operation Underground Railroad has funded this growth and shared the press releases and publicity as long as they were handing over $30,000. OUR got publicity MECTF got $$$. OUR is now offering research and statistics and software $20,000 worth to the Washington State Patrol. WSP now goes to the legislator and get more money and authority for the Net Nanny scam. The alarming part is they cat fish and lure, mainly young people on legal 18 and older dating sites, using psychological warfare on these unsuspecting targets. The judges are going along with this horrible scam and wanting to make case law that says the police needs no probable cause and no warrant to record your texts and then charge you with the crime they manufactured and planned with a private religious Mormon group. The training manuals laugh at defense attorneys and brag about their ruses. The sad part is they then use these young mens names and pictures for Det. Rodriguez and prosecutor John Neeb and Det. Dan McDonald to travel around the country and give seminars on how to do the Net Nanny stings. This is really like Nazi Germany. WSP says anyone who answers their purposefully vague ad is a child predator. Rodriguez also testifies at every trial he can get to. The court room is flooded with police and detectives who work the chat rooms so they can learn and study the defense and be coached by the prosecutor to be ready tor the next trial. At one trial it came up that the prosecutor planned the sting and hung out at the trap house every night!! The defense attorney found this out in the trial this is the most corrupt and evil police and prosecutor alliance.The prosecutor then demanded the judge tell the jury if the thought that the crime could never have been committed due to the police lying and faking kids, the jury needed to get that out of their mind and not use that thought!! they have entrapped 300 here in Washington State. The really sick part is Rodriguez says he’s saving children, and making communities safe yet there are and never were any kids saved. Only families destroyed young 20 year olds serving lifetime sentences for a police ruse a police lie…..


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