This was a rough week. Trump said it would be and boy was he right. Even a broke clock is right twice a day! Not only are we losing thousands of Americans everyday, tens of thousands of fellow human beings weekly, but we had a few setbacks in proactive stings this week as well.

Another families son received word on his appeal. I just happened upon it – as I was reading through current WA state supreme court case opinions – so I wan’t prepared. I’m not sure I could have been prepared regardless. This families son, just 20 when caught in a sting – same as Jace – but who was sentenced to an unthinkable 10 years, lost all points of his appeal. Another man in these stings also lost his appeal, he is sentenced to life.

When I read the opinion, as they are called, I had a very physical reaction. As others have mentioned, the need to get back to ‘normal’ is so very strong for those of us who have lived in such deep pain, that we almost forget what that pain felt like, after we are released. The moment I read that case opinion, I felt that heavy weight lay back down on my heart. I couldn’t breath. I started crying. The old emotions, that I lived with for 20 months, flooded back all at once in full force. It is unbearable to me what this other family, what so many families, what I myself – have all gone though – are still going through.

The same day I read this boys fate, I also read another mans appeal opinion. His case opinion angered me and I wanted to share a piece with you all to show what we in WA state are dealing with. This next section is an excerpt from that opinion:

“The evidence shows that, after the two reached an agreement in their text message conversation to have sex, Mr. Harbour followed all instructions from “Kaylee” to travel to the sting house. He affirmed his identity and presence of condoms as agreed. The possibility that he lied about the condoms or might have had alternative plans after arriving is irrelevant. A rational fact finder could conclude he took overt acts that corroborated his expressed verbal intent to have sex with“Kaylee.” “

Wait….he lied about having condoms, yet him saying he would bring condoms was used against him to show intent?

He may have changed his mind once he got to the location if he found she WAS a child but that is IRRELEVANT? No mention is made of whether he BELIEVED ‘Kaylee’ was a minor, something that is required in the statute for attempted rape.

What the police are getting away with continues to confuse and baffle us.

When will this end?

3 thoughts on “Rough Going

  1. It makes me mad and sad to see this still going on I was nailed for the same thing in 05 did 3 years(was in my late 30s) and lost everything and seen as monster and still to this day most do not want a thing to do with me … sorry was ranting lol I read every post here ..Keep up the site not sure where i was going on this

    hop things are going well with jace


  2. Come on Lady Justice…be gentle. These LE officials have to have some way to justify their existence and pay check. They couldn’t care less about a few innocent casualties along the way. We are seeing the resurgence of the KGB right here in the United States.


  3. I’m sure it’s a very common thing that happens when people who meet someone in person realize that the person they are meeting in person for the first time is not what they presented themselves to be online, and they change their mind about their interest in that person. (Either because the pictures sent or posted were enhanced, or not a picture of the same person, or somehow manipulated to look a certain way, etc) I myself had an experience like that many years ago. He sounded great online and on the phone, even looked good in pictures, but as soon as I saw him in person, my instant reaction was, “No, thank you”.
    I’ve heard plenty of other stories like that too. That’s just how it is when you’re meeting people online. You don’t know if there will be actual attraction there or not until you meet them in person.

    This is a very important fact that is purposely being covered up in these cases, and they get away with it because they have automatically labeled these individuals as child predators who were looking for children to victimize, when in fact they were not looking for children because they were on an adult site. They were trapped by skillful police officers who were looking for easy targets they could trap and use to serve their own purposes, which is typically about boosting their own careers, but in these cases, we know MONEY is the main motivator. I personally think it’s also a part of a cover up for actual child predators and sex trafficking.

    The only way they can get these convictions is by using dishonesty, and they are not using dishonesty to trap real child predators to protect anybody. They are using dishonesty to help themselves. This involves the collaboration of corrupt prosecutors, and in some cases even corrupt defense attorneys, so-called experts, and even judges. There’s a lot of money involved in these sex sting operations, with many people making money off of it and others participating in the dishonesty to boost their own careers. If anything, what they are doing is what is criminal. These are the people that everybody needs protection from.

    Remember, honesty is not a requirement in any of this. It’s the right thing to do, but there are no consequences for anybody working in the system who chooses to use dishonesty for their own self gains, at the cost of other people’s lives. Therefore, the system does tend to attract many individuals who lack greatly in morals and ethics. That’s just the way it is. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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