I’ve been asked by a sister group, raising awareness and striving for legislative reform in WA state, to post the following information. If you would like to be connected to them please email me and I will forward your their address. Thank you for reading.

Washington | CASAA

Approximately 300 individuals have been arrested in Washington State Patrol (WSP)-MECTF (Missing and Exploited Children Task Force) stings/ruses since 2015.

The reality of the outcome by running these stings is far from the truth which is being voiced by the task force, WSP, and other law enforcement agencies.

“Net Nanny Stings are new joint police operations between the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and County Prosecutors. Agents, posing as adults on 18 and older dating sites, engage in conversations with targets that turn into conversations about hypothetical minors. These written exchanges are then used to convict defendants with sentences of five, to ten years, to life.  Since 2015, 300 people in Washington State have been arrested by these stings.  The conviction rate is 

99% (+) with a current average sentence length of 6.2 years to Life.  Harsh Lifetime Community Custody (CC) restrictions and Lifetime Sex Offender Registry (SOR) also accompany most of the sentences.  Approximately 25% of those entrapped in these stings are between the ages of 17 and 25.  Although law enforcement agencies claim that these stings remove dangerous sex predators and somehow make our communities safer, the reality is far more complicated. These stings use questionable tactics to ensnare primarily young people with no histories of conviction and are predicated on the manufacture of a crime without any victims.  Trained to use hot words like trafficking, perpetrators, and violent sex predators, WSP uses confirmation bias to convince the media and public that these individuals are the worst of the worst.  Huge personal and financial gains exist for law enforcement and the counties as they increase the number of arrests, and hand out both harsher charges and longer sentences.  In all cases, defendants are receiving sentences far longer than cases with actual living victims.  All for going on an adult dating site. 

Carlos Rodriguez of WSP, MECTF, (dreamt up the sting).  O.U.R. a non-profit finances the stings through quid quo pro press releases resulting in citizens contributing to O.U.R. whom in return send contributions back to MECTF.  Catfishing innocent boys and men with no probable cause, using Lies, Deceit, and Fraud from beginning to end by Rodriguez and prosecutors, ends up virtually burying these individuals alive.

The hardest challenge we face is exposing the facts and truth of these stings so people free their minds of “just accepting” the carte blanche statements made by WSP TELLING us, “these people are dangerous sex predators and perpetrators wanting to harm children”.  Just because they say it doesn’t make it truth!  Unfortunately, it is being accepted as such.  The law has made this an indefensible crime using fictitious children and allowing WSP to break laws, tell lies, and do fraudulent deceitful things to citizens to get them to commit a thought crime that the individual would have never done had it not been for law enforcement.  There were no children, no victims, only law enforcement telling you they would have harmed them.  

And we know that law enforcement officers never lie!!!!!!  

The children were fictitious, the lifetime sentences and loss of their lives are real.

6 thoughts on “Message from WACSO

  1. Law enforcement are trained to lie to try to get the truth out of people. It’s crazy how, I guess when they decided to provide this kind of training to them, nobody thought that police officers would also be using these tactics for self serving purposes.
    They’re trained to keep going until they get exactly what they want out of someone, and we know they do that even if they have to force people to create what they want to hear.
    Just like police have a long history of creating false confessions to force wrongful convictions (#Wrongful Conviction Podcasts), they now create fake crimes, where they manipulate vulnerable individuals to play the roles they want them to play for them, and use these vulnerable individuals to help them create the crimes they (police) dreamt up.
    This is not much different then manipulating victims to provide made up confessions, for the simple purpose of making it look like police are doing their job. Just seems like they’ve now moved on to victimless crimes because in the last few years they’ve been getting exposed for many wrongful convictions, where they incarcerated many innocent people, while they allowed the real dangerous criminals to go free and continue to do harm to more people. DNA is now exposing a lot of this reality. I’m sure they didn’t think this would ever happen.
    We also do know that they are still allowing many dangerous people go free and continue to harm others, because they choose to focus on creating fake crimes instead of solving real crime. They also protect the dangerous individuals who work in the system. I guess because they can’t think of how this could be exposed, they haven’t yet been too worried about that.
    It’s only a matter of time before all truth is revealed. We are obviously dealing with people who don’t fear consequences, and we know that it’s because they don’t really have to fear any consequences. The system will protect them no matter how evil what they do is and how much damage and how many people they cause harm to. That’s just the truth about the country we live in (the best country in the world).
    Truth always catches up. No one ever really escapes accountability. It’s only a matter of time, but it is horrific that so much damage occurs before we finally get there. I personally think that just makes the natural consequences that much worse for those who thought they had actually escaped accountability. KARMA is real.
    Remember, when Jefferey Epstein thought he had escaped accountability for his evil actions? Sometimes it takes a long time, but it always comes.


    1. I think you’re absolutely right, they use questionable tactics and manipulate facts so that the accused doesn’t know how to answer. Regardless they end up with false positive which take them close enough to their ultimate win anyway, the plea deal. They don’t want to step foot in a court of law, where they have to explain that they don’t follow laws, disregard rights, and it’s all okay, they have a book that says so, there are special rules… you just can’t know what they are.


  2. The indefensible crime… makes me think of the old joke, “Did you stop beating your wife”, the joke of course is you can’t say yes ( OMG you’re a wife beater, and you can’t say no, it’s still happening).
    Only now it’s reality, no joke, “did you know this was an adult (Yes! You were on an Adults only website) only (No, it’s the Internet and strange things happen, but you saw an adult woman’s picture!!)
    It’s a cleverly designed game being played out nationwide with Federal Funds for the winners. The losers never stood a chance, it’s hard enough to win against the house, even harder when it’s a rigged game.


  3. I would Love to have their contact information. This is happening in Utah too!


    On Tue, Jun 9, 2020, 4:17 PM The Lady Justice Myth wrote:

    > LadyJusticeMyth posted: ” I’ve been asked by a sister group, raising > awareness and striving for legislative reform in WA state, to post the > following information. If you would like to be connected to them please > email me and I will forward your their address. Thank you for readin” >


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