"We have bad news"

Thursday Morning, January 2nd, 6 a.m. I am awake and thinking of my son's release from prison. Today is day 589. The day I have been waiting for since they removed my son from my arms in the courtroom. The day the corrupt judge, prosecutors, and police officers, decided to twist the law to their … Continue reading "We have bad news"

Day 589

To these men, and boys, whose lives have been, at a minimum derailed, for some - lost entirely - I tribute this post of numbers. The following numbers are all based on data collected form Sam and myself, or data from Jace and my personal experience. These numbers ONLY relate to people caught thru a … Continue reading Day 589

Stuffing our emotions

The last two days have been hard. Not as hard as last year, but hard none the less. This post, I am going to be honest with you all about my feelings. As supporters for our loved ones caught in these traps, we find ourselves in the role of cheerleaders, and often ignore, or try … Continue reading Stuffing our emotions

The Blame Game

Reading an article on the "Let Grow" website (a common sense blog and website about parenting without fear mongering), I was struck by the ease with which people assume the worst in others. In her Blog entry, the author Lenore compares our societies desire to find someone 'at fault' with the social mentality of the … Continue reading The Blame Game

Public Safety?

What can we do when we find that ‘Public Safety’ isn’t safe, and doesn’t serve the public? On my drive in to work this morning there was a segment playing on NPR concerning the long awaited closure of Guantanamo Bay. The reporter stated that an amazing thing occurred at this facility. The treatment of the … Continue reading Public Safety?