This week, April Fools day, I played some jokes on my family. We’ve been so busy of late that they completely fell for it! Forgetting what day, or even month, it is 🙂


But the day does make us think about gullibility, and others view of the reality of what is happening to our children.

I see two distinct responses when new citizens are told the truth about what LE are doing to these men, luring them in with pretending to be adults, then switching to pretending to be children – even at the last moment like in New Hampshire!

The two responses I see are either ‘OMG, I can’t believe they are doing that to our own citizens!’, OR ‘they SAID they were a child! There is never any valid reason to not just walk away, the men KNEW and WANTED a child all along! Lock them all up!’

It’s the second response I’d like to look at closer.

I’m trying to understand this particular perception and I see two questions here:

  1. Relations are so easy to find, why would you risk continuing to communicate with a minor?
  2. No one could possibly be that gullible – the men must be lying.

As a woman I know I have choices when it comes to relations. There are many jokes about that truth, i’m sure you can think of a few…

Realizing men are at a disadvantage when it comes to relations, add in the raging hormones of a 20 year old ‘man’. Further that with being an introvert, young, awkward…you get the idea

OR maybe the guy is a middle aged man, recently out of a marriage, trying to get back into dating, and feeling pretty unsure of himself.

These situations can create a scenario where a man might decide to go see if the person on the other end of the line is who they say they are or not. They were in an adult website, sent out a picture of an adult, or is using vernacular indicative of maturity, or even possibly they are into role playing. Many reasons on the internet to not believe when someone is purposely giving you mixed signals.

As for gullibility – have you never been duped? Never fallen for a scam? Or heard a friend describe such an event? I sure have!!

When I was a young professional in Chicago a woman came up to me with a gas can in her hand. She said she needed money to fill the can to get her back home to her kids. She was polite, friendly, with just the right amount of desperation on her face. I offered to drive her to the gas station – she had a reason ready on her tongue as to why she only needed the cash – could I please help her out?

When I drove around the block, after handing her a ten, to find her stopping yet another good Samaritan, I realized I had been had.

When in Colombia, with my two newly adopted sons, on a boating excursion to an island aquarium I had a similar encounter. I bought tickets I was repeatedly told were valid for entry on the island. The boys and I did not go in that day – again I had been taken by a scam.

We will never be able to convince those who refuse to believe the truth. I only hope one day, someone they know and love, isn’t entrapped as all our men have been.

6 thoughts on “You Fool

  1. Anybody who still has that mentality will see it differently when they hear the true stories of how some very evil people working in our legal system can turn any random person they choose into whatever they need that person to be, for their own purposes (the purpose of those working in the legal system), which is usually for the purpose of boosting their own career, and we know for sure that they also do it for money. It’s been done many many times, over and over again, to so many people, and it’s been going on for a very long time.
    Listen to the stories on this podcast:
    You’ll learn a lot about how they do this, and how common this is.
    You’ll see how it’s possible to take any random, completely innocent person and turn them into exactly what they (the people in the legal system) need them to be.
    Not all wrongfully convicted individuals are completely innocent of everything, but it’s unbelievable to see how many there have been that were not guilty of anything at all, completely good people, totally used by some of the most evil people working in our legal system, just to please themselves.

    Remember, there is nothing in place to keep reckless dangerous individuals from working in these positions, and even worse, there are rarely any consequences for these evil crimes that people working in the legal system commit. We have a very broken system that may very well be attracting evil people like this, because they know very well they can easily get away with their crimes against others, and that they will more than likely be protected. It’s rare for any of them to get held accountable for the evil things they have done against others, like as evil as creating a completely false case against someone who is then sentenced to death and even ends up being murdered by the state, for something they had absolutely nothing to do with. Unfortunately, it’s a far too common story.

    Anybody who knows any truth about any of this, will certainly not be claiming that everything police, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, and others working in the legal system do is always right, unless they themselves have evil tendencies like those people who have done these things and the ones who are still doing it.


  2. Shame on the so-called lawyers who talk their innocent clients into pleading guilty with threats of prison time if they don’t cop a plea. You know who you are, Neal Davis of Houston, taking fat fees and refusing to fight for your clients.


  3. When my husband and I separated, the same thing happened to him. His is a federal case and the minimum is 10 years. Federal lawyers are also so much more expensive. The cheapest that I could find was 50,000 and there was no way I could afford that. A friend came to me with a “lawyer friend” that would charge me 10,000. He had no idea what he was doing and my husband was found guilty. I don’t think he even cared. He was so unprepared and didn’t even meet with the witnesses or prepare in any way. He didn’t meet with my husband until right before the trial. My husband had no child porn and raised 3 daughters. Our house was the one that all the kids stayed at and my young niece was at our house every weekend. I think the feds didn’t even think he was dangerous. They never even questioned any of them. They didn’t seize any home computers either. Just his work laptop. He was on an adult site looking for adults. Idk why they even go there. There are places people go specifically looking for children. It doesn’t make sense. I live in an uber conservative state, so it’s even more difficult. He hasn’t been sentenced yet, but I am looking for advice or help for an appeal. My girls have lost their dad and we are losing our home and everything we have. I am also looking for the memorandum in the icac training manual. I have seen many people post it, but can’t find it for myself. I so appreciate what you’re doing.


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