There seems to be a new, even more outrageous, game being played out by some LE agencies. I had heard from one person about this latest sham, currently happening up in N.H., where an arrangement is made between two consenting adults to meet up. This is made on an adults only website. There is no mention, hint, suggestion, or discussion at all about a minor.

As with the other stings the ‘woman’ is pushy and aggressive to meet. The meetup is NOT in a secluded location, as has been the previous norm, but purposely arranged by the ‘woman’ in an open public arena.

Then I had another reader write in his story that perfectly matches what I heard.

Now why would police, who are pretending that the ‘perp’ is doing something ILLEGAL want to do so in a public arena? SUPPOSEDLY the people they are ensnaring are very ill, dangerous predators. What if one pulls a gun? Knife? Takes a hostage?

Now I am not a police officer, but everything I’ve ever seen concerning hardened criminals and predators, shows LE trying to steer them AWAY from the innocent public. Meet in a park? In the middle of the day? With kids around?!@?!? Why?

This man tells me the police called his ex wife, and threatened that they would make it so he can never be with his kids again. That his parents have shamed him for what he’s put his family through.

Could it be that the police are purposely publicly shaming these men as a coercive measure?

These men, our men, need our support, loyalty, and understanding. Trying to meet a woman is not illegal, immoral, or unethical. It does not preclude you from the respect, dignity, and social justice we all deserve and have a right to expect from one another.

Please remember, when you hear of things like this, things that just DON’T MAKE SENSE, that these are shams, cons, ruses – there is no shame in wanting to find relationships with other adults.

The shame is on those who believe the lie.

6 thoughts on “What a Sham(e)!

  1. So how do they get the guy, or girl… get him to take the plea deal when they have no case by threatening to shame him? Or do they plant fake info to frame him and then threaten to expose and shame him?


    1. That’s a very good question – my guess is they use this shaming and framing to get him to take a deal. I will research if anyone has gone to court with this variation.


  2. How is there a crime committed if the cop isn’t pretending to be a minor? I’m not questioning you but there has to be intent to have sex with a minor for it to be an ICAC sting. In Texas we have a specific statute for Online Solicitation of a Minor, but I believe in your son’s case they charged him with attempted sex with a minor since Washington doesn’t have a similar statute to ours that is specifically written for these situations. By these situations I mean when child predators seek out underage victims online to meet up for sex, not when cops pose as minors and entrap guys who are looking for sex in 18+ forums. By the way, I have read your blogs about Jace, I’m so sorry for what they did to him and what you have been through. As the mother of an 18 year old boy I feel your pain and having two friends who were set up by cops in these proactive stings, I’m outraged at this blatant abuse of our legal system. I am shocked that a jury could find your son guilty when he was sent a picture of a 20 something woman and the person who opened the door to let him in was in her 20s…wtf how is that intent or attempt to have sex with a minor?? He intended to have sex with the adult who answered the door. I don’t care how old she told him she was, shouldn’t he be allowed to believe what he sees over what he is told? “They say believe half of what you see, son and none of what you hear…” M. Gaye


    1. Hi Alice, thank you for your kind words. Yes, it is concerning how the prosecutors are even taking these cases. I do need to do more research but I did want to get the word out what is happening!
      As for Jace, we were forced, literally, by our attorney to take a bench trial, not a jury trial. That is what we are banking will get Jace appeal to reverse his conviction. I do not believe a jury would convict my son. Unfortunately, after his conviction gets overturned we well might find out, as the state can choose to recharge him with the crime. Back to square one. Please write me your friends stories at The only way toward change is exposure! Much love and support, Kathleen


  3. Hi Jace
    John here just update, they did convict my son he’s looking at 10 to life. even though “sex” was never mentioned and it was adult only chat, but she did bait and switch, we wanted to bring up perjury and violations to ICAC,, but lawyer said not worth trying ,, well guess what,, now we wait for sentencing and hopefully an appeals..


  4. Here is a great podcast for everybody to listen to, especially for those of us who have dealt with very immoral, very corrupt people working in our legal system. Unfortunately, it’s a very common thing, and it’s happening all over the country. It’s been happening for a very long time.
    Listen to the episodes on “false confessions.”. Those of you who have dealt with some of this corruption will find these stories to be very familiar. The other episodes are very good learning tools as well. I think that anybody who has dealt with the legal system should listen to the episodes on this podcast. You can also find the podcast on Apple podcasts and on Spotify. Just type in “wrongful convictions podcast”.

    States that have private prisons tend to have a lot of corruption where they force wrongful convictions to keep their prisons full, in business, and making as much money as they can.


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