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Thursday Morning, January 2nd, 6 a.m. I am awake and thinking of my son’s release from prison. Today is day 589. The day I have been waiting for since they removed my son from my arms in the courtroom. The day the corrupt judge, prosecutors, and police officers, decided to twist the law to their own ends. The day they convicted a man planning to hook up with a self proclaimed ‘little’.

Many people, for many reasons, have different sexual preferences. Fetishes, costumes, fantasies, dominance. According to the Urban Dictionary:

sexual little is a lg or lb in a DD/lg or MD/lb relationship, who only becomes a little when having sexual relations. They donโ€™t feel the need to color, having stuffed animals, or be played with like a child. They only want to be treated like a little in the bedroom.

But back to that on another day, I regress… This day I wake at 6 a.m. JIm and I talk quietly in my RV – the one I lived in for the better part of a year to be near my son. Jim is soothing me, trying to calm my nerves as I anticipate the next RIDICULOUS hoop they will make my son and I jump through to get to the other side. The side where he has his life back. A life. ANY life.

The phone does not ring when Jace calls at 6:30. I see it just before 7 and smile to know he is alive. Those of you who haven’t had a loved one in the service or jail will not understand the absolute truth of that last statement.

He calls again about 7:10 – he tells me he’s already been outprocessed and is waiting on us. We are picking up our friend Mike on the way so I tell him we will be there at 8 a.m.

For those of you who don’t know me, no, I did not wait until the morning of Jace release to figure out the logistics. I arranged the procedures with his ‘Counselor’ Breezann Stouffer. I wrote her the very day we were finally given his release date. Per her instructions there is no way to get Jace until 8 a.m. as the front desk is not manned until that time.

We arrive at 7:55

They have put Jace on a transport to Everette, WA. He is no longer at the facility. NO, the desk clerk does not know why. NO, they cannot bring him back. NO, there is no one available to speak to with any authority. Jim understands, even more now, what I have been going through, what we all are going through. He strongly expresses his disappointment with the use of his WA taxpayer dollars. The desk clerk says he understands. It’s obvious he does not.

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They have now dropped my son at the Greyhound bus station in Everette, WA. 30 minutes away from Monroe, in the opposite direction from Oregon. It’s cold outside, January in Washington state, but they released him in a sweat suit. No Coat. He has money to catch a greyhound and a phone card. Wait, didn’t I communicate repeatedly that I would be picking him up in Monroe? I’ve visited him 83 times in 12 months…..?!?!!

We drive up to Everette and find him in the Greyhound station. Safe at last. Safe’Ish’. I’ll take it.

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We find the closest IHOP and after ordering, listen intently as Jace describes the mornings shenanigans. We are deep in conversation, the four of us all leaned in drinking coffee, when the waitress appears again at our table.

“We have bad news”

We all freeze, turn, and stare at her in dreaded anticipation. I scan the room for the police. Mike keeps his notepad and pen ready to record this latest injustice. Jim, my Cowboy, – who is still pissed off from the Prison – looks like he may step out of the booth and shield us from whatever is about to make me cry…

“We are out of Rye bread”

10 thoughts on ““We have bad news”

  1. Sounds like PTSD from the trauma these evil people have put you through. ๐Ÿ˜ข I am so sorry for what you guys have had to go through. Itโ€™s not right. Evil people donโ€™t get that. They only start paying more attention when their karma finally catches up.
    Continued prayers for you guys. ๐Ÿ’–

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  2. I am crying for you and my heart is so happy for you and your family!!!! This is the best news I’ve heard in a while. I had a bad day yesterday. My children were denied to see their uncle in prison. But hearing your son is finally home with his family brings me so much joy! I know its a whole new road you have to go down but omg im so happy for you!

    On Wed, Jan 8, 2020, 10:22 AM The Lady Justice Myth wrote:

    > LadyJusticeMyth posted: ” Thursday Morning, January 2nd, 6 a.m. I am awake > and thinking of my son’s release from prison. Today is day 589. The day I > have been waiting for since they removed my son from my arms in the > courtroom. The day the corrupt judge, prosecutors, and poli” >


  3. At last!! So relieved Jace is released. Happy for you, no matter what, Jace is safe and with you. Thank G_d!!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


  4. I can really relate to the last paragraph in this blog. My Son gets very anxious when he is near a police officer , just during everyday encounters, for no reason. Almost to the point at times where he is having a panic attack. He’s never had feelings anything like this prior to his experience with his arrest. He was raised to trust the police and always be polite. He had a great deal of respect for law enforcement. Especially since he came from a large family of police officers. Boy, has all that changed. So sorry you again had to go through turmoil to finally get your Son back, so happy for you that he is home. at last.


  5. My son similar event Craigslist date he found out to be a trafficking incident , military training 2 tour’s Afghanistan. He was trained o notice and stop trafficking. He was arrested and tried convicted looking at 26-30 yrs..LIFE. he’s 27 now 2yrs in jail awaiting trial.he was on stand 24 mins. No one wants to hear about KY investigator committed perjury 5xs violated civil rights lied to state and federal judge and violated state and federal statue.. but they did ask my son if he owned his truck 2015 Dodge ram.. they wanted it.
    Bottom line is I can prove it but in KY you can’t arrest a state investigator for perjury..
    Even called Congressmen, state, federal, people local news everyone knows investigator but oh she had 3 mos experience.. Even wrote to US Attorney and Federal judge and I was threatened with arrest for attempting to circumvent the law.


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