Every time I reach out to someone, for information, it seems I am met with decent, reasonably concerned, trying to do the right thing, good people.

So here’s the conundrum….how is it possible that after two and a half years of chaos, one and a half years of prison, dozens of contacts, and hundreds of phone calls – how is it possible that


At times I feel like Jace, and by association I, am just not important to WA state Department of Corrections. That since Jace is a person required to register that he has zero rights, importance, or feelings. He is nothing to them.

But then I will speak to someone one on one finally and they are suddenly completely understanding, willing, and concerned? I can’t fathom how the two successfully coincide yet they somehow do!

As I’ve mentioned, I have been trying to successfully get information on transferring Jace from Washington state to Oregon since last January. I am no closer.

Then we gave up on that and looked to have him released to WA state. Should be easy right? After all, same state government, same people, and Jace is already here! Nope – still no word on what he needs to do, where he needs to be.

After leaving a half dozen messages for his ‘counselor’ and his ‘field officer’ I got pissed. I started calling DOC offices in Thurston county randomly. If the number you are given to use doesn’t work….STOP CALLING IT!

Lo and behold I was finally connected with Jace field officer’s supervisor. The conversation went something like this….

  • Me – I do not know when my son is to be released. I do not know what rules he needs to follow or what residency restrictions have been placed on him.
  • Them – Didn’t he take the Sexual Offender course? That gives you all the information on does and don’ts.
  • Me – Nope – he was not eligible due to filing an appeal. He knows nothing.
  • Them – What about the transitions course taken after the SO class? To help the offender back into the community?
  • Me – Nope – he was not eligible due to filing an appeal. We know nothing.
  • Them – OH!

I was told I would hear from Jace field officer and to call back to the supervisor if I do not. I will be calling back tomorrow. And everyday until I can get the answers we need!

On a side note we have been waiting for the prosecutors response to Jace appeal. It was due Sept 3rd. They have asked for a 30 day extension. In the words of a wise man (Jim’s pretty wise!)….

“Sounds like they are scrambling!”

5 thoughts on “Who knows what lurks in the hearts of bureaucrats?

  1. What a Blessing that You are the mother of Jace! There won’t be any moss growing under stones regarding his case with you looking after things. I’m prayerful the wagons aren’t circling and he will be released as planned!


  2. If it’s anything like Texas, they will purposely not give him the information he needs, so that they can then come back and charge him with “failure to comply”. Yep, it’s very real. They really do things like that. Especially, if you are someone who has spoken out.


    1. Well then these posts will serve as documentation to the fact there has been NO information given. What a ridiculous last round of stress for both of you as this nightmare is nearing the end. Keep calling; keep fighting; you are on the right side.


  3. He needs an interstate compact which he should of did 6 months before his release. My brother was in a sting in pierce county and were from California. We had his lawyer look into all this. We also fought the indeterminate part. Googles more helpful then the state.


    1. Hi Veronica. Jace was not allowed to file an interstate compact before the review board decided he was ‘releasable’. That was 70 days before his ERD (early release date). No way to get the compact submitted earlier was what his counselor said. Additionally, we could not get them to tell us what residency restrictions would be imposed on Jace. So finding suitable housing BEFORE his release was made almost impossible. I’d love to talk more with you. Can you please email me at LadyJusticeMyth@gmail.com?
      Thank you for reading and sharing!


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