We finally met with a ‘field officer’, aka Parole officer, here in Thurston County, WA. His name is Brian Keel. His card says ‘Community Corrections Officer’. We were told Mr Keel could give us all the answers we seek. And for the most part he did.

Since January I have been working on getting Jace to Oregon upon his release. The one pitfall to these plans all along has been in his parole requirements. There are things listed in the requirements like ‘Adhere to all requirements placed on you by your CCO’. Vague? Oh yeah.

So our number one question all along has been: what exactly are his residency restrictions?

We’ve been told: he has none, the judge sets those rules, it can be anything the PO wants, the parole board sets those rules, and that there are ‘state standards’.

So how can you find housing for your returning loved one without knowing the rules? The DOC actually told us the process is “Hit or miss”. WHAT?!?! They don’t know, and can’t give out, their own rules? Anyone else confused?

In Jace specific case, and only because we filed for release into WA state, we were finally told that he has no residency restrictions at all other than not living with children. We had to go through this process to be told what should have been available last January, certainly last June when Jace was OK’ed to be released.

We also did validate that being released into WA state does take: about a week to get the paperwork assigned, 30 day plan investigation (checking where you want to live), and then ANOTHER 35 days to ‘warn the local police, victims, and public’ that you are a felon, moving into their neighborhood. That you are a registered sex offender and to be on their guard against you. So a minimum of about 72 days. Of course no one could tell us THAT either!

Right now Jace is deciding if he wants to keep his current plan of getting out in WA – where family and friends are publicly shamed in the name of ‘safety’, or change the plan back to our original plan of straight to Oregon. The tentative release dates for these two choices are October 23rd for WA and Nov 10th for OR. Neither equate to his release on September 22nd. When we ask about that date we are consistently poo-poo ed, I guess the date assigned by the Judge actually doesn’t mean anything.

Why am I not surprised???

2 thoughts on “The BIG Reveal

  1. No Fucking Way! A live person with real answers! I’m so happy for you. I hope Jace goes back closer to you, I think you’ll need each other for a while 😘


  2. Still surprised that they’re still playing games with you?? That’s what they’ve been doing all along, and it’s what they’ll continue to do. They’ll pretend not to know, or they’ll just ignore the questions they don’t want to answer (because they don’t want you to have that information). Remember, their number one goal is to have high numbers of registrants, to make themselves look like heroes. They have to look like they are catching all the child predators, when in reality they are covering for actual child predators. If you piss them off by talking common sense and especially if they know that you are making others aware of the insanity of the things they do, they will just find more ways to get your son for as much as they can, as long as they can keep getting away with it.
    We are not dealing with normal human beings here. I know some are just under the control of the really evil ones who are the ones running all this. However, those that do nothing about the wrongs they see happening around them are just as guilty of it. The world is a dangerous place because of the people that let the evil people get away with what they do. If anything, they’re more guilty because they know better. People who are so far gone, lost in evil, can’t help themselves. They’ve lost control. No logic or common sense can bring them back. They need to be stopped, and as long as no one does that, they’ll just continue to get worse. I think God tests us all the time by putting us in those positions, so that we can learn to do the right things. When we don’t do the right things, then we keep getting the same lessons over and over again.
    Kathleen I think your calling is to be a voice, advocate, and role model for people who have not yet built their courage to stand up and speak out for themselves. You are doing an awesome job! Keep going!
    Jace is learning so much from this. He’s learned to stand up for himself and so much more. He’ll be a great role model for those who are not there yet. Don’t ever let anybody else falsely define who you are.


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