If there are two words that epitomize this journey – ‘Roller Coaster’ would be them!

I was first told that my beloved son was arrested for attempted rape of a CHILD!!

I used all my saving, maxed my credit cards, and borrowed money from my family.

My world reeled and took a sharp downward turn.

Yet I was told we had a ‘very defensible’ case by the top lawyer in the area.

Jace was home with me for a year as the lawyer worked diligently on his case (or so we thought).

We fought the depression and feelings of injustice, nay betrayal, we felt. We hoped everything would come out in court, how could it not? He was an innocent man.

The conviction and sentencing of my son to prison was probably the biggest shock of my life. I’ve done foster care and adopted, traveled extensively, dove a hundred feet into the ocean, and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane….

I was not prepared for this shock.

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I moved into an RV, lived in one almost a year (not very fun in the winter people).

I worked relentlessly on advocacy to get the word out and pretty much got nowhere.

I spent three days a week within prison walls – the guards all know me by name.

Nothing lasts forever, right?

I met a wonderful man.

Winter turned into spring, and then summer, bringing some emotional relief.

Jace release date was quickly approaching – plans were being made, accommodations secured, hope rising.

But it seems there is no end to the lengths law enforcement will go to ‘keep us safe’ when money is on the line:

Our friend is Texas was arrested months after release for failure to register but was never told when, how, or where he needed to do so.

Our friend from New York, the war hero with PTSD has been offered three years from his young children and wife for NOT going to meet a minor.

Our friend in Monroe, who was physically raped by another inmate when he discovered our friends ‘attempted rape’ fictitious crime, is serving more time for the police created conviction than the man who raped him!

Our friend in Washington state, conviction reversed by appeal stating the court got it wrong, is heading back to the courtroom because law enforcement refuses to accept the reversal.

Jace release plan, which I have personally been navigating since January, will not be fully approved until after Jace ‘earned release date’, causing him to be held in prison longer than his sentence mandated. The reason? So that his parole officer can inform local police and victims of his release.

Wait, what?!?!?

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4 thoughts on “Roller Coasters

  1. Wait, WTF???? All this time to only NOW be told this????? Please, keep advocating for not only your Son but all the others that have to endure such treatment!!!!!

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  2. I have tears in my eyes as I’m reading this. The corruption is unbelievable, our legal system is broken, innocent people are going to jail and the legal system does not care. They’ll prolong it all in the name of money, to get re-elected and to keep us “safe”. We need to fix this just dont know how. How can this be allowed?? Young men getting their lives ruined over a sex sting operation – make believe crimes. How can this be allowed?? PD breaking the ICAC guidelines and no consequence to them? Any cases from these operations should be dismissed. Us parents need to stick together and find more like us that have been affected by these sex stings and fight together for our kids.


  3. How can they let the victims know…in our case that would be detective rodrigous. There were never any victims except my son.

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  4. First of all, your son’s lawyer NEVER “diligently worked on his case”. I know that’s a shock and/or hard to accept, but that is the truth about why people like this continue and will continue to do things like this. It’s so easy to get away with, because most people simply cannot believe this could actually be happening. There would be no innocent people sitting in prison if this were not true. These evil people love to take advantage of other people’s vulnerabilities. It’s an illusion that is so easy for them to create, because most people are not like them, and cannot easily see it for what it really is .We just don’t easily catch on. It’s not real! We all need to accept reality for what it really is, not what we think it should be.
    These evil people will call it “disrespect” etc., when you call them out on our their dishonesty. It’s all part of their game. They know it works, because most of us don’t want to falsely accuse, not understanding that there are people who have absolutely no problem with doing exactly that and purposely hurting others. It’s very real. There are many people working in our system who are exactly that. A bigger number of them are just followers who are having a difficult time accepting reality for what it really is.
    I don’t remember the quote exactly, but it goes something like this: “The world is a dangerous place, not because of what evil people do, but because of those that do nothing about it.” -Albert Einstein
    This is exactly what has happened here.
    Intelligent and courageous people deal with truth and reality and learn from their mistakes. There is a great lack of this in our legal system in this country.
    I seriously think the legal system in Texas is being run by a cult. What else am I supposed to think? 🤷🏻‍♀️


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