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Today is looking up, at least on the outside of things. Jace has a new Parole Officer. Her name is Heather Day. I met Heather the day I met Jace last Parole Officer, Sloan Krueger.

Sloan was not very friendly, which is fine but not necessary. Heather, on that day, gave me more logical, practical information than Sloan ever did.

With Heather as his PO Jace is now allowed to use the internet for job searches on Monster and Indeed, as well as create a basic email account for job search purposes.

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Jace also is seeing the fruits of his non stop job applications, albeit through me and my email. He has been on a number of interviews. Most of them seem to hire quickly, so lack of internet and necessity of checking with a PO have not made things easier.

He is currently interviewing at a food plant in Silverton for a night shift position, and is scheduled for a initial training class this evening to get on a team that cleans business locations – like restaurants and law firms. He is trying very hard to keep all his options open and remain positive. It hasn’t been easy for him.

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But today also brought about a different observation. Jace new PO Heather informed him that my advocacy have made things harder on him. Okay…..that’s one way to look at things I guess???

Specifically – those in law enforcement consider him to have ‘baggage’ because I ‘threatened a judge’.

Wait, I did WHAT?!?!?

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I GUARANTEE you that if I threatened a judge, seriously, I would be arrested for it.

Advocacy, in any legal form, should be looked upon as a good thing. It is NOT the police, prosecution, or judges job to advocate for our loved ones.

It is our job.

It is my job.

I will never stop advocating for my children, nor apologize for doing so.

17 thoughts on “Just another Day?

  1. Alright Miss Scarlett, did she say how you threatened him? Was it by talking of his process wrong doings, errors in judgement and obstruction of justice? Was that it or was there something else??? Was it because we wanted to sue all of them for what they had put Jace thru with complete disregard for his rights based on the elusive Holy Grail of the ICAC Manual Guidelines? That mere mortals may not look upon or they will turn to stone? The world can be a scary place and sometimes you have to stand up for what is right, against all odds, even against Judges.


  2. Thank you for your blog everything you say is đź’Ż accurate my family is going thru the same thing these cops say they protect children but at the same time put my family’s name and address in the news and the kids have been threaten and there not fictional kids like the one in the sting.

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  3. Dear lady justice could you post or put up one spot for all helpful links for defense. People vs and other laws and facts that are helpful for lawyers and family thank you if you can if not thank you for your blog.


    1. Hi Someone – that list is very long and would not fit, or be helpful in such bulk. Plus the laws are each by state, and frankly not enforced. Is there something more specific I can help you find?


    2. Actually there is a page that has links to helpful websites, and they are not confined to one state. It has a link to the ICAC operational standards, and to blogs (yours is in there Lady Justice) and to all the criminal injustices and congressional efforts to end this bullsh*t, pardon my French. It’s called


      1. Yes, Alice, you are absolutely correct – that website does have a lot of useful information. The owner and I work together on this stuff. Thank you for pointing out that I no longer had his site linked to mine. I will be putting my webpage live within the next 6 weeks and will prominently display those sites I know of as well as a forum for you all to post questions and support one another!


  4. Justice! But thank you im sharing your blog with my families lawyer maybe it will help thank you again for being a light in these dark times.


    1. I have been reached out to by attorneys before and do provide whatever info I can. specifically they have asked about the ICAC training manuals. These do exist, but LE break the rules all the time and no one seems to care or hold them accountable. I’m happy to help any way I can.


  5. You threatened the judge?? No one corrected you then, and it’s just now coming up? I don’t understand how you could have gotten away with that. Are they too busy pursuing made up crimes?

    Anybody who is threatened by any truth about these made up crimes is somebody who should be looked into, because they more than likely have a lot to hide. What person with the right intentions gets threatened by any truth?? None!! They want to hear it all, even the made up stuff, because that gives them more information to learn from. Those who have a lot to hide want for everybody who exposes any truths to just shut up, because it ruins their game, where they make everything all about themselves. How dare anybody not want to just play along with their sick little games??! It’s the thinking of narcissists and psychopaths. Oops…. did I just insult someone who works in the legal system? Is that wrong because there is no such thing as narcissists or psychopaths working in our legal system? Is that still supposed to be some kind of secret?

    How about dealing with the truth about how we have sex trafficking organizations in this country who are trafficking children, and those big and very powerful organizations are being protected by people working in our legal system because they are making money off of it?? How about dealing with that truth, people working in our legal system who will put aside morals for money?? There are so many people making money off of the victimization of many individuals, including children, and many are working in our legal systems.

    Money comes and goes, but the immoral things that people do never go away. How about facing reality and dealing with that truth? How about spending time and money in finding and removing these people from working in our system? Wouldn’t that save many more victims from continuing to be victimized than any sex sting operation ever will?

    How about putting out a statistic of how many children are saved from every sex sting operation performed where they trapped “child predators” on ADULT sites? Why not look for child predators where they really are? Many are hiding behind the law, either working in the system or paying off law enforcement or government officials to be protected. Those people who accept those payments should also be held accountable for the victimization of all victims who are being victimized with their assistance.

    Anybody who really cares about protecting children and protecting all people, would agree that the best place to start looking for child predators, and those assisting them, is in our legal system. That’s what it comes down to. The sex sting operations where they are pretending to be catching “child predators” on adult sites is part of a big cover up for the sex trafficking business. The whole purpose of those stings and trapping vulnerable individuals is to fool the public into believing our children and we are being protected. The illusion actually works. That’s why they continue to do it, and they will continue, until more people start paying more attention to this and start holding them accountable for their dishonesty and corruption.


  6. This is why there is a growing, ever widening gap in trust for Law Enforcement and the American Prison System, in which everything is about money and nothing is about protecting people. They are just upset because most Americans know now, and many more are distrustful of them.


    1. I enjoyed challenging the people in the probation office…they have a tough time with that when they know the probationer is correct in the challenge. I still got off of probation eleven years early. They were probably glad to see me go.


  7. Interesting times ahead. Anyone remember that song by N.W.A.? F the Police:
    Humor aside…there are good and bad whether it be in government (politicians; what a disgrace today), law enforcement, or private businesses, etc. If we stay silent THEY WIN. If we rise up, join with others it will be hard to stop us. Make some noise! It has to start somewhere, at some time. And with that said, it is going to be interesting to see what happens in April.

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  8. Hi Lady Justice
    I have read your entire blog and feel so sorry for what your son went through. I’m going through a similar matter in Houston. The police did not follow the ICAC guidelines and ran a proactive sting in an adult Kik chat room. You make not of a memo from the attorney general saying they can not go into adult chat rooms. Just was wondering where you found this memo. I would appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks


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