The ad read “Copier Technician Apprentice/Intern”. I received a quick reply to my mostly blank resume. I did not want the large gaping missing time frame of prison to be the first thing prospective employers questioned.

An appointment was set for the following Monday at 10a.m. I arrived at 9:45.

The interview started out as expected; nice enough place, seemingly professional people. With my knowledge of most things computer I was very qualified, intellectually, for this intern position and am very eager to get back to work.

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Living at home with my mother, whom I love dearly, is fine – and appreciated. But I also need some independence, my own money (she’s paid enough defending me!), and to feel like a normal person again. Contributing to our society, intermingling with everyday laymen, keeping a schedule and getting things done.

The interviewer asked what I had been doing before applying for this position. I believe myself to be an honest person, my Aunt Reen would say too honest. As with anyone who asks me what happened, I looked the man in the eye and explained my recent stint in prison. This is not something I am proud of, having served time in prison and being a registered sex offender, but this is also something that doesn’t define me. I was stupid to even go and check if the adult was an adult, after the mention of anything underage. I know that. I also know I was manipulated and used by our own government and police departments as a form of currency. A transaction made between the government and our fear mongered public.

I paid the price for my stupidity, ten fold, a hundred fold, and now I just want my life back.

So in this interview, at this moment of time in my life, I looked the man in the eye and I told him my story.

I held his attention, and eye contact, for about 30 seconds. Then he cut me off and stood, the interview was over. Not a single question about my abilities was even asked.

“we just recently had a pedophile we had to fire, I’m sorry but we can’t hire you”

I was escorted to the door.

“Thank you for your time, have a nice day” was all I said.

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The search continues……..

4 thoughts on “Getting a J.O.B.

  1. On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 3:11 PM The Lady Justice Myth wrote:

    > LadyJusticeMyth posted: ” The ad read “Copier Technician > Apprentice/Intern”. I received a quick reply to my mostly blank resume. I > did not want the large gaping missing time frame of prison to be the first > thing prospective employers questioned. An appointment was set for” >


  2. My dad always said: “Get a job or pull one.” I also asked him what is the biggest problem for criminals and he said it isn’t the crime or doing the time but rather the return via parole violation. That was the killer. Bottom line is everyone commits felony’s all the time: Driving while intoxicated, distracted, tax evasion (this is big), dumping pollutants like oil/other chemicals in your back yard/storm drain, RICO violation, money laundering, drugs, piracy (computer SW, music, movies, bit torrent, etc.), and so on. Just read the book 3 felonies a day. The only difference between the felony and the non felon is the person who has gotten caught. I was threaten in college with Piracy but they decided not to bring in the police. Some are lucky, some blessed, some unfortunate. See about starting your own business (what are you good at). Try to connect with support groups and/or other prisoners. One last thing, remember what the Meatmen say: “Crime pays the bills” –


  3. You have to tell the truth but you also have to be an advocate for yourself. In the order-of-magnitude in wrongdoing and/or mistakes that led to the arrest, the police were several times worse than Jace by any rational measure. Simply say “I was wrongfully convicted of a crime after corrupt police and prosecutors, motivated by political and financial gain, conspired, fabricated evidence, and committed obstruction of justice. Due to their immunity from the law, they were never held accountable for their actions. ” and leave it at that. Don’t start admitting to making mistakes, or even discuss what the charges were for, because that’s not relevant information. Anything more is simply not their business. The silver lining is this is an opportunity to spread the truth about these stings, and wake people up a little to the reality of the world around them.


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