Jace best friend Simon (yes, the same Simon who told the judge Jace can be really stupid!) is the inspiration for the theme of this post.

We just received today, via Jace appeals attorney Skyler Brett, notice that the prosecution has conceded that Jace constitutional rights were violated when he did not agree to a bench trial. Simon’s smart assed, but most accurate remark was

“they found the giant needle in the haystack that led to a string of hope”

We all know that what happened to Jace, and what is still happening to hundreds of innocent men across the country every year, is a farce.

Fortunately for Jace there was a technicality that will cause his conviction to be reversed.

“The state agrees there is no evidence in the record of Hambrick’s personal waiver of his right to a jury trial; accordingly, the conviction should be reversed and the matter remanded for a new trial.” Anthony F. Golik, Prosecuting Attorney, Clark County Washington

Image result for right to a trial by jury

The good news? There is a 99% chance that the court will rule in favor of reversing Jace conviction. Per Jace Attorney this will not be finalized for at least another six months, maybe longer.

The bad news? I’m still unable to get a date, or even a solid ‘yes’, that Jace will be released from Washington DOC prison to the State of Oregons care through the interstate compact.

The question? Will Washington State retry a man who has already served his prison sentence for a ‘thought crime’? Dare they expose the flimsy cases the are forcing down men’s throats with plea deals vs. the possibility of decades in prison at jury trials? We do not know at this time. What we do know is:

Jace is currently stuck in prison, past his sentenced release date, and all but certainly an unconvicted citizen at this time.

3 thoughts on “Where? I don’t see it!

  1. He is staying longer to go home which isn’t certain, while in prison for a crime they may reverse… that we know they broke multiple rights on, only one Constitutional which they had to admit. The State of Washington either doesn’t have their shit together or doesn’t care. I don’t think they care about these people they threw away to make money on. They sold their souls and have no integrity to do the right thing for other human beings with rights and humanity. I hope the money was worth it.


  2. Wow! 🎉🎉🎉
    Your hard work is paying off. This would have never happened if you had not done what you’ve been doing. I think it’s finally getting to the point where they know they’ve been caught, and they can’t cover it up anymore. So, they’re trying to appear to be doing the right thing now, just to cover their own butts.
    Jace’s name needs to be completely cleared from this, as well as everyone else who has been falsely accused, wrongly convicted, and maliciously mislabeled as a child predator.
    We’re finally seeing things catch up to them. Let’s not forget about everybody else this has been done to. All victims of this should have their names cleared, and there needs to be accountability on those who have created crimes against vulnerable individuals who are clearly not what they were accused of being. There needs to be major lessons learned from this, so that this never happens again.


  3. They’ll keep doing as much as they can keep getting away with, especially if they know or think you are really bothered by it. They love to have that control.
    You’ll just have to forgive them for what they’ve done, and let God take care of it. No one ever truly gets away with anything they do against others. They’re doing it more to themselves than anything. It all eventually comes back. That’s just the way it works. Let them learn the hard way.


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