It’s amazing how many people are offended by the word ‘ignorant’. Ignorant does not mean ‘stupid’, yet it is used identically often these days.

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I was IGNORANT. Blissfully so, until this happened to my family. I wish we were still ignorant. The thing I find offensive is not that the public doesn’t KNOW about what law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges in this country are doing in these situations…I would hope they don’t know!

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I also am not even offended when faced with skepticism. Just like you all – I couldn’t believe what was happening at first. The police? I’ve always trusted the police. I worked with police officers for 20 years! Many were at my ill fated but fabulously fun last wedding! 🙂

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But what ABSOLUTELY offends me, is when I look in someone’s eyes, tell them my story, show them what I know and the evidence I have gathered, and they STILL refuse to believe what is going on. There is no hope of ever changing what is happening if people refuse to believe what they can see and hear!

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All I can do is keep telling my truth. To that end, the video Jim and I created that tells Jace story will be played in front of a lecture in a Fresno college next month. It is my hope to continue to advocate to end these ‘thought crimes’. Please do tell all you know about what is really happening here.

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One thought on “Educating the Ignorant

  1. What I’ve been able to figure out is that some people desperately need child predators around to hate on, and if there are none, they are totally fine with pretending that someone is a child predator, even though in reality they are not. They don’t care about truth or reality. They are people with deep pain, and they have created for themselves a strong need to label other people (even if the labels are wrong) because they deal with their pain by taking it out on others. Basically, they’ve become abusers. They can feel much better about abusing someone if they put a bad label on them, like “child predator”.
    Others are just too wrapped up in their own problems to be able to truly care about anybody else. So, they’ll just ignore all the huge red flags until it directly affects them.
    This is what the individuals who work in law enforcement and the legal system (who are doing dishonest work, like sex sting operations) bank on. They know how to play with people’s emotions and vulnerabilities, to use them, to help them get what they want, and get them to join in the abuse of victims they have forced into the legal system.
    Good job getting the truth out, Kathleen. Keep going. You’ve come a long way, and you will go so much further. Most people will eventually wake up and accept reality for what it is. The truth never changes.
    Dishonesty always catches up. They won’t be able to keep their lies covered up forever.


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