This week we received news from our friend in Florida.

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Our friend was arrested under a similar illegal proactive sex sting. He was enticed and entrapped as so many innocent men have been, and are still being, by law enforcement who say they are ‘keeping us safe’. Just a new scheme for the MOB’s ‘protection racket’.

As he went to trial, asserting his non guilty plea just like Jace, he was faced with an offer he couldn’t refuse. While we’ve found that these men who go to trial generally get no worse a sentence than those who plead out, that is in WA state. In Florida the sentences seem to run significantly shorter.

Yet this man was in front of a fair judge and was given, on the spot, the choice of plea dealing with the fair judge or trial with a different judge. The second judge was a former prosecutor, known to be harsh and aggressive in these cases. He wisely choose the fair judge and took a plea offer.

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By taking the deal he was offered no jail / prison time and was able to plea ‘No contest’ – affording him the dignity of not having to lie about his guilt. He will have to register, on that they would not budge.

He wrote me concerned that he had let us down by taking a plea. I assured him that we all support him 100%, as we do all the innocent men arrested in these stings. A persons decision to plea out or not depends on their own life and choices. We do not pass judgement on these men – the crooked system is already doing that as they rake in the funds created by their racket.

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Again I reiterate that the way the government is making money off of incarcerating our innocent men is nothing more than a criminal scheme – we just have a new MOB running the show. Innocent? They don’t care. As long as there is money to be made off their illegal tactics – these stings will continue to ruin our families, friends, communities and way of life.

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