I have been working with the Marion County Parole Office for months now trying to understand the next steps. Wonderful people over there so far. The problem is, someone thrown into these affairs doesn’t know what to ask!

It has come to my attention that applying for a transfer to Oregon, through prison, as a release plan, means you cannot be released until it is approved.

Wait, WHAT?!?!?!

What happened to the days when after you completed your sentence you were, you know, RELEASED?!?!

So, my house has been looked at and is questionable. There is a ball field on the other side of the railroad tracks that falls within 1000 feet. I am in the process of finishing it, OK mostly Jim is finishing it, so that we can market it to get another house that could be acceptable.But I can’t sell, find, finance, and close on a new house that fast!

The parole supervisor suggested I try RV camps as I have a nice RV Jace could stay in while I get moved. Problems is, they are all full at this time – its summer. And they don’t rent out two months at a time – they do not know what may be available at that time.

I have now resorted to placing an ad in craigslist for a room to rent (Wait, isn’t that were this whole mess started? Craigslist?)

I received my first reply to my post….thought you all might find it interesting!

Hi I might be able to help you out I dont need any money let’s work something out
Kathleen Hambrick <kitkatinfl@gmail.com>
to Master_Gamer86

What do you have in mind? I have no problem paying my sons rent and would be suspicious of someone who suggested otherwise.
Do you have a room he could rent? May I ask where? No children, parks, etc?
Thank you

Master_Gamer86 I have no problem with you paying his rent but dont need to use money to pay it I am in Salem Oregon no kids at my place

Kathleen Hambrick
not sure what that means. are you suggesting a physical arrangement?
Yes that is what I mean

To protect my innocent son, I have put myself in a position for others to treat my as a prostitute? But of course, this proposed arrangement IS LEGAL!! And these laws were only created to protect law abiding citizens? Uh-Huh!

3 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. Released does not mean free by any means when it comes to sex offenders. I’m glad you are finding the parole office personnel wonderful people, but be wary none the less. Most of the rules make little sense. Is a RV park less likely to have children in it? Your son will probably be able to go shopping at WalMart which is another one I don’t understand. There are kids all over the place in stores. If anyone ever figures out the rules, please let me know. I hope you find a solution. Many have not and are homeless.


  2. Wow! That is insane. Maybe it’s another police sting operation run by sex obsessed predators who are using their job as a cover up to prey on people.
    It’s unbelievable that innocent people are being put through things like this in this country.


  3. The level which humanity stoops to at times is mind-boggeling. On the same site that got Jace into trouble, ludicrous! One can only hope that this person gets caught in some sting!


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