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My son was 20, naive and awkward socally. He was never popular with girls in highschool. Nerdy, he led his robotcs team to VEX Robotics World Championships 2015 – 2017 he won many awards. He worked as a waiter at a Thai restaurant where my wife also works (Jonny is half Thai half caucasian). He tutored robotics and worked daycare in public schools. He worked as a computer salesman at a big electronics store. He attended the local community college. These activities were concurrent at his arrest. He was busy and used social media to ‘hook up’ with girls when he could. 

Two minor girls in Portland area aged 15 and 13 with no supervision were using social media to arrange hook ups with guys. The older one pimped out the younger. They hooked up with over 20 guys from Jan 2018 to Sept 2018. Estimated sexual encounters of the 13 yr old is at least 80.
The FBI got involved April 11th 2018 when the Meetme legal team notified them that two minors were advertising for prostitution. The ad stated they were 18, had doctored pictures of them, and described in great horrific detail the sex acts they would perform with a list of pricing.
The FBI of course did nothing but driftnet all their hookups. Ignoring their sworn oaths, mandatory reporting, they let these girls endanger themselves and the public for at least 5 months. 
If we are to believe that CPS, Washington County, LE, courts and judges were unaware… WC sherrifs were (supposedly) notified by FBI on Sept 17th 2018. In two magical days WC LE had the complete facts of the case, obtained no warrants, and coached the 15 yr old foster child become a defacto deputy and text Jonny for a hookup. WCLE arrested him and charged him with 11 counts including 6 measure 11 fellonies implying 27 years mandatory sentencing. Held on $250,000 bail.

Backtrack to May 25th 2018.
The 13 year old posing as 18 contacts Jonny on Tinder app. She talks him into a hookup. Was she coached by LE?, perhaps… He picks her up they drive to a park and have sex. She is 5′ 4″ 135 lbs and looks and acts at least 18. They like each other and hook up again the next night same way. She continues to contact him but I think he started to suspect she was under 18 and cuts off contact.
Yes, he was naive, foolish even. According to my 70’s and 80’s upbringing we would be cautious of ‘jailbait’. But Jonny is a kind happy-go-lucky kid. Sincerely young at heart and mind with zero street smarts. 
He has worked with kids for 6 years without a single complaint. He still thought and acted like a kid. He has never been in trouble for anything in his 20 yrs until now.
He faced a 10/12 jury with his public defender, telling the absolute truth through the whole trial. The defendants and LE consistently and continually lied, omitted, exaggerated and perjured testimony throughout the trial. No electronic digital forensics from the state. What I provided was inadmissible and much of it not admitted by his public defender. 
Prosecutor gave jury instructions that a minor cannot give consent and that law requires him to be found guilty.
He was found guilty 10/12 on 9 counts, not guilty on 2 counts.
He faces from 6 to 27 years at his sentencing on July 30th. 
I love my son more than life. His kind, polite, considerate and courageous spirit are unchanged after 10 months in jail. He was crushed after learning she was 13, upset then remorseful. He blamed himself. Thought his honesty and openness would be appreciated. That honesty and integrity, virtues I have taught and practiced, modelled would hold him in good stead. He has matured and grown introspective, aware now of how this world actually works. How good people are the enemy and target of evil in high places.
I survive by the fire of injustice, sleep and non-anxiety just a past memory. 

I have 1.2 GB of investigation and discovery, an exposé shocking to the conscience. 20 other individuals are now 1 by 1 being arrested and tossed into the toxic cauldron of corruption called justice. Because the police can allow children to have sex with strangers, and to decide when the net is full, with impunity.

I appreciate your blog, a kindred relating that echoes my very thoughts and emotions. I am working on appeal, and perhaps motions. 
It would require a book to relate all the details.
Share this if you wish.
Best wishes,

3 thoughts on “Another young man falls victim!

  1. It’s shame what’s happening to our young sons/men in in this country. My heart goes out to each and every one of you. We just barely escaped from having our son’s (who was 19 and very naive) life and career in the military ruin by false allegations made against him.
    While his time of waiting (10 months) until he was cleared may seem minor compared to the young men falsely convicted, to a nineteen year old and even as a mother, it was a long 10 months of excruciating anguish.


  2. In America if someone is caught selling Oregano but claims it’s Pot, they are arrested for selling Pot, but if they say they are 18, and they are really 13, you are arrested because you didn’t know that they were really 13.


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