More Lies

Posted by a Joseph Pratt, I found the following information on a few different websites:   The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Mandated Protocols and Procedures for Proper Rules of Engagement from the United States Department of Justice, Office of the United States Attorney General.  LIMITED OFFICIAL USE ONLY LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE Internet Crimes … Continue reading More Lies

My, you are so OLD for ’14’!?!?

***This is another story of a man enticed by an adult, seeking an adult, arrested as a "pedophile"***   Should I be worried about going on an "ADULT online dating site" ? YES! Apparently that is the answer since Police and ICAC here in my state are now posing as ADULTS with pictures, and an … Continue reading My, you are so OLD for ’14’!?!?

The Truth Is Out There

When confronted with a BIG LIE, what does it take to uncover the truth?   We started with the confusion on how our government and the police departments originally came to be running these illegal proactive stings. Knowing that the law states: Entrapment by enticement is illegal Warrants are required to capture any online data … Continue reading The Truth Is Out There