Posted by a Joseph Pratt, I found the following information on a few different websites:


The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Mandated Protocols and Procedures for Proper Rules of Engagement from the United States Department of Justice, Office of the United States Attorney General. 


Internet Crimes Against Children Program


ICAC Program Opertional and Investigative Standards


This Memorandum for Proper Tactics and Rules of Engagement is According to the United States Department of Justice Federal Training Manual for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Undercover Online Chat Training Course and the following Rules are Mandated:

Law Enforcement Officers Shall not use and are Prohibited from using Online Dating Websites for Consenting Adults.

Law Enforcement Officers Shall not use and are Prohibited from using Online Instant Messaging Chatrooms for Consenting Adults.

Law Enforcement Officers Shall not use and are Prohibited from using Adult Profiles of the Age of 18 Years Old and Older on Online Social Media/Social Networking Websites.

Law Enforcement Officers are Allowed to use and Shall only use Profiles of the Age of 17 Years Old and Younger on Online Social Media/Social Networking Websites.

Law Enforcement Officers when Setting Up an Online Internet Undercover Sting Operation are Mandated to ask for Permission in Writing via a Cooperative Agreement to said Social Media/Social Networking Website’s Legal Counsel/Legal Team for the Express Purpose of Conducting said Online Internet Undercover Sting Operation and if not done so they would be in Violation of the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 United States Code Annotated 1030.

Source: Office of the Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice.

Based on this information my sons attorney compelled the training manuals in the state of Washington. With my own ears I heard the judge state that he carefully read through every line of the manual, twice. Nothing of this nature was in the books.


I am not telling you this information because I am a secret spy working to stop police, at any cost, from keeping our children safe. I am telling you because these illegal pro active police stings do not keep children safe. Instead they ruin the lives of innocent people caught in these ever widening fishing expedition nets.

And that has to stop!

So I want you all to know that someone is lying.

Either the police alter these books received from the DOJ to suit their own needs and financial gain


There is a BIG LIE, as defined by Adolf Hitler, alive and well in the United States.

Either way, the training manuals compelled from the police will not help you.

Now that we all know this…




Joseph Pratt, who apparently works in government, claims to have a friend in the CIA who knows the truth. Thru Pratt we understand that this person is trying to set the record straight but is unwilling to make the sacrifice of actually coming forward. This person chooses to stay warm and safe, while our innocent loved ones are persecuted for doing perfectly legal acts; searching for sex and love on adult dating / hookup websites from consenting adults.

I often hear, about people in government, military, powerful organizations: “I WAS JUST DOING MY JOB”. I have no sympathy for that lie. It’s not your sense of duty that makes a person toe the line when an injustice occurs.




2 thoughts on “More Lies

  1. “I’m just doing my job” or “They’re just doing their job.” That’s the exact lame, coward’s excuse we’ve heard too.
    In Texas, apparently they don’t have to follow ICAC rules. “This is Texas.” None of that matters here because we have our own rules here, and this is “what the people of Texas want.” They lie and say things like this, but the people of Texas want real protection, not an illusion the people working in our government system are creating to make it look like they are “doing their jobs” when in fact they are not. They are not protecting anyone when they, themselves, are creating the crimes and the predators. How is posing as an online minor on an adult site looking to have sex (for free) with an adult helping or protecting anybody? Minors who are being prostituted are not advertised online for people to have sex with for free. In fact, I doubt that true minors are being advertised as prostitutes who are minors because this would bring in much less money for the pimps, and we all know they all do it for the money. Furthermore, there may actually be true minors who go on adult sites, all by themselves, looking for sex with adults, but they are going to be doing it for money or drugs. Who has ever heard of a problem anywhere in the world where teenagers are going onto adult sites to hook up and have sex with adults just for fun? And then of course the child predators would have to know that adult sites are the places to go and find these targets. The police are pretending to be protecting this group of minors that just don’t exist.
    Looking for “sexual predators who prey on minors” on adult sites is extremely poor and COWARDLY police work.
    Texas DPS officers did this, then they put out in the media that the men they caught were “targeting minors”. They made sure they didn’t disclose that they conducted these sting operation cases on adult sites. The chief gave a fake speech in the media about how they were protecting everyone’s children because these predators would keep doing this and coming after everyone’s children. They are the sick bastards that others need to be protected from. They are the evil predators. They need to be exposed for what they are doing, and they need to be held accountable.


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