***This is another story of a man enticed by an adult, seeking an adult, arrested as a “pedophile”***


Should I be worried about going on an “ADULT online dating site” ?


Apparently that is the answer since Police and ICAC here in my state are now posing as ADULTS with pictures, and an adult profile page to lure men into their net. I’ve read and heard many stories, this one does not involve Craigslist, an open forum, Ad, Chatroom or anything of the likes. This was a 1 on 1 non sexual online dating site for “Adults” where you have to select the day, month and year you were born. IF the DOB you put in is under 18YOUR PROFILE CANNOT BE CREATED. So yes I am upset, upset at the system, upset cops can now pose as an Adult with pictures of a fake individual who has tattoos and who’s page states she is an adult, but two days later she is now 14?


(this is an example, not the actual picture sent)


Yes I’m upset you started an investigation upon me when I have never been in trouble with the law, there was nothing on my profile inappropriate, or sexual, that includes my phone which you took without a warrant when you asked me to give you my phones passcode so you could “Turn it off”. Forgive me but everyone knows how to turn off an Iphone, and you don’t need to unlock it to do so. But I obey the law and always have so i gave it to you, it was not a means for you to search it which I am sure you did without a warrant.



Why would a cop post a fake profile of an adult on an ADULT only dating site? Does this sound like an effective way to seek out child predators?

Law enforcement proclaim “We have caught 20 some predators, preying on KIDS, our communities are safer!”  In the eye of public opinion we are guilty even before getting a lawyer. What happened to Innocence until proven guilty? It doesn’t matter. Cops know in this day and age people will never believe someone when LEO”S tag you as a pedophile on tv, and know most of these people ENTRAPPED will never have a voice because they’re quickly turned into Registered Sex Offenders for the rest of their lives.

I simply did not say

“14? cool, I’m down with that!”

It’s the police who prey, it’s the police who entice and ignore any advance you make to meet them in public, ignore you when you talk about anything that is not sexual, and it’s the police in almost an artistic, sly way try to sway the conversation into something sexual to then convict you.

Dear ICAC, I am sorry if I believed you were lying ; Adult dating site, your profile states you’re older then 18, you have a nicely done tattoo on your wrist, are telling me you’re coming from another “country”, when the phone dating app is stating you’re 2 miles away, throw multiple sexual innuendos I ignore, and bring up sex out of the blue in a manner befitting a very experienced woman.

Forgive me for not believing all the lies

but most of all forgive me for not feeling the need to apologize to anyone for my actions. I never said anything immoral, you harassed and pushed me to an unwarranted sexual conversation and ignored what I was saying to push your agenda.


This is just a tiny bit of my story, and everyone’s story is different.

ICAC does not follow their own Standards. The way these stings are conducted people will always get caught. Playing Minority Report is not fun for the actual victims (us). Throwing out a wide net to catch 1 shark while catching many guppies is not proper police work. For a person that has a dad, aunt, and two uncles who have worked as a law enforcement officer (LEO) it is baffling, it is baffling to my family, and that is why they have supported me along with my girlfriend and her family after reading the texts.

They know who I am, but most importantly…

I KNOW who I am.

One thought on “My, you are so OLD for ’14’!?!?

  1. That net thrown out seems to get larger and more encompassing with every case story read or heard about. Bravo to you for making the illegal shenanegins (sp?) of those LEO powers that be out to the Public!


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