A few years back a good friend of mine used the term ‘Gaslit’. Even though I shook my head, as if I understood, I had no idea what that meant. They had used it in a medical sense, where you are, say, explaining something you know about your body to a doctor, while the doctor is telling you what you are saying is not possible. I had this happen to me when I was much younger myself.

I have very low natural blood pressure, and started fainting in my early teens. Misdiagnosed over and over, I learned to listen to my own body. In my twenties, after fainting a number of times, I learned the order of symptoms and that there was a time frame in which altering my actions would cease the syncope (fainting spell) – which I have used effectively ever since. Belatedly, around 50, a simple test proved I have neurally mediated syncope exacerbated by my low blood pressure.

‘Gaslighting’ is what the doctor attempted to do to me – telling me something I knew to be true wasn’t possible. Although in the true sense, gaslighting is done with malice, not ignorance.

Gaslighting happens to be this year’s Merrian-Webster word of the year. Which is odd as the word itself has been around for just over two centuries! London and Paris started using natural gas to light homes and streets in the early 1800’s. The Chinese used it long before that! But it wasn’t until 1944 that the term took on its sinister reference, when Ingrid Bergman’s husband tried to make her believe she was going insane. Why? For money of course.

I am currently in a state of shock and mourning for a loved one’s son. No, he is not dead. He was entrapped in a proactive sting and sentenced to probation and therapy. In his state, Texas, as in other states such as Colordao, deniers are violated off probation. A ‘denier’ is someone who refuses to admit the intent of their ‘crime’. For someone convicted of a police initiated, victimless, ‘attempted’ crime – it’s clearly a stretch to admit intent. What would he say? Yes, I went on an adult dating site to meet a minor? Yes I searched through 1000’s of ads before I found a person who claimed to be a child? Yes, instead of wanting to try and help that person I found myself turned on? Yes, I had every intention, no matter how young, immature, or naive that person really was, of violating them in the most heinous, sadistic way. Yes, even though I chose to go to trial, refusing a plea deal that would have been more lenient for me, now I want to confess to my true intent and nature?! It’s absurd.

In the state of Texas and Colorado (I have not yet checked each state), being kicked out of court sentenced sex offender ‘treatment’ is grounds for violation of one’s probation. Violation of probation is grounds for prison. This young man, who has never given in to the easy path of confessing to the lie propagated by LE, was sentenced last week to three years prison. He immediately tried to kill himself.

He is currently in the hospital recovering for now. The suicide rate for those arrested in police initiated, victimless crimes is around 3%. That’s a pretty high number for a thought crime where no actual child was ever in any danger and the ‘bait and switch’ was held on an adult dating site.

What will happen when he is released after three years in prison? He will go on probation, and be required to take more ‘therapy’. Gaslighting is making someone believe they are crazy…. anyone subjected to Texas idea of ‘therapy’ would surely go mad.

3 thoughts on “Gaslighting

  1. So sad! Bless this boy and his family for the pain and suffering that they don’t deserve! These stings must end!!!!!


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