Many of us are having a VERY white Christmas indeed with this polar vortex storm sweeping the United States. Here’s hoping you all stay safe and warm.

It’s normal to feel sad and alone at Christmas. Especially those of us who have been through deep trauma – and that’s a LOT of us. Not just those wrongfully convicted, or their loved ones – trauma comes to many, in all sorts of forms.

This year was brutal, for a lot of people. Financially, politically, people coming out of prison trying to kick start a new life, others going into prison – for no valid reason. No one saved, no threat, no justice. It breaks my heart every time I hear the same story.

But Christmas and new years also bring thoughts of warmth, love, friends, and family. Regeneration and rebirth. In short – HOPE. It’s a time to give of yourself. To put a smile on another’s face, to reach out with a hug, a kind word, a card. Time to reflect on where you are, have been, and where you want to go.

Those of you who have loved ones to see Christmas Eve, presents to give, glasses to raise – have the merriest of evenings. If, like Jace and myself, you will be spending it alone at home, feel free to drop in and say Merry Christmas or sing a carol with us. We will be online for an hour starting at 7pm Eastern time. Just join the link below.

Virtual Christmas Eve Gather

If we don’t see you, know you are in our thoughts and hearts, and on this Christmas,

share our HOPE for a better New Year!

3 thoughts on “The Great White Hope

  1. Thank you for the invite! What a wonderful idea! Unfortunately I am not equipped to participate…I need a microphone and being unemployed for almost 3 years and waiting for disability to be approved for just as long, I have cut all unnecessary spending.

    “Warmest” wishes to you and Jace and everyone in the group!! Have a wonderful holiday!!

    Mary Roberts


  2. Merry Christmas to all ! For those without your loved one on this day, my heart goes out to you and I pray for peace .
    Thank you for lifting our hearts with hope 🎄


  3. Thank you for inspiring Hope.
    My son in for ‘intent’, 12.5 year sentence, definitely lady justice is a myth.
    God bless you and yours.


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