Just read this phrase and loved it! How true it is! Pedo Panic has swept the nation!

I’ve always thought of myself as a democrat with right-leaning tendencies. I have a problem with labels – can you tell?!? As a tree-hugging, underdog rooting, hand up not out, democrat I’ve done my community service. I don’t think anyone would say I have done it well, but I showed up. And for that I am proud, and grateful, for the bit of self-love I can wrap around myself.

But of course, I have young children stashed in my basement for nefarious reasons. Doesn’t everyone?

It is truly amazing to me the depth to which this social phenomenon has sunk. This past weekend I read the story one of our members passed forward about the man on a flight who offered to swap his first-class seat to an unaccompanied minor. The absolute first comment posted after this article was no doubt from a QANON nut, who said of course the man was a pedophile. And there it is – Pedo Panic.

The article called out the flight attendants who assumed the man had a motive for kindness. According to the article, service industry personnel are trained to look for certain things that might indicate criminal activity, especially that of sex trafficking.

I believe it’s a good thing to be aware of. Knowledge of what others experience, and why, is essential to stay safe in this world. But to me, assuming the worse in others is a slow painful life.

As a mother, I practiced random acts of kindness with my growing children. Both because that’s who I am, and to teach them its power. The power of respect, generosity, empathy, security, and humanity.

Personally, I too would give up my first-class seat, in certain situations, to someone who I felt would appreciate it more than I, as another commenter mentioned after the article. A third commenter said he too would have offered the seat to the minor previously in his life, but that he had forced himself to discard all ideas of goodwill due to the climate of our society. Unfortunately, that sentiment rang true for me as well. How do we stay compassionate when falsely labeled, persecuted, and ostracized?

I know that many of my readers struggle with their pain and anger, as do I. I fall back on the thoughts that, even though I am hardened from what was done to me and my family, allowing my anger to control my actions puts me in a cage. Not unlike the cage those who fear everyone else is themselves locked in.

For now, I chose to stay true to myself, trying to lend a hand where I can and instilling hope in others for a better tomorrow. Stand up, speak out, stay vigilant but kind. Educate, with empathy for ignorance.

One thought on “Pedo Panic

  1. And there’s also the current story: The QAnon ‘Meme Queen’ Wants Trump To Help Her Convicted Pedophile Son


    It would be interesting if her son is truly innocent and was falsely accused. We know for a fact that our system has convicted innocent men when falsely accused. In this case it’s a possible an adult made the kid say things that are not true, and we know law enforcement and prosecutors can and have forced kids to embellish those stories, to make sure they get a conviction. It’s happened plenty of times before. So, we don’t know if this man really did what he was accused of or not because we know we can’t trust our legal system, but we do know that the reason these things happen is because of people like the mother of this man who are so obsessed with the idea of the sexual abuse of children that they go around making false accusations of this for the purpose of their own entertainment. I hate that I’m even questioning whether someone convicted of sexually abusing a kid is real or not, but I know too much about our system to know better than to assume they got this conviction right, because I know they’ve gotten too many wrong. So, I know now to question all of them.
    It’s people like this QAnon woman who are the ones that are truly sick and need help. There should be treatment classes for those who are so obsessed with the idea of pedophilia that they go around falsely accusing others of this.
    A perfect example of this is Tim Ballard.


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