I’m going to start with an update to Jace case. We are due in court in about 6 weeks. No clue if it will be pushed again or not, but a fellow advocate was finally able to connect the dots. We always knew Operation Underground Railroad is involved in turning proactive stings, which started out with good intentions, into a money machine that entraps innocent men for profit.

This man, Det Robert Givens, of the Vancouver Police Department is the man who chatted Jace to the meet location. He believes he is a hero. We know he is a lying piece of shit. If only we knew before Jace first trial!

But I really wanted to bring you all a touch of good news. One of the hundreds of thousands of men entrapped in these stings is D from Texas. He reached out to me about a year ago, having been entrapped a number of years back and unsure how to prove his innocence. At that point in my advocacy, we had just found some of the discrepentcies in Jace ‘evidence’. This discovery was due to our unstoppable Investigator Frank (Thank you Frank). I wrote out on a blog, to all, if facing this situation, GET AN INVESTIGATOR!!!

Lawyers are NOT investigators. To beat this entrapment everyone should have an investigator. I said it then and still believe it now.

Fortunately, D was listening. His lawyer did not have an investigator and he insisted upon one. The investigator found missing texts. I would add a ‘gasp!’, but I’m afraid I am no longer surprised with the corruption we have found 😦

Recently, D’s three year ordeal came into court. I am so insanely happy to tell you all that his case was dismissed. He did take a lesser plea on a second charge – obscene material, one year probation. No registry, no prison, no child indicator.

I will be getting D to join us on a meeting in the next week or two, to tell us first hand what occurred. For now, I want you all to know that this circle of pain seems to go on forever, BUT


9 thoughts on “Shock,fight,despair. Repeat.

  1. I’m grateful for this blog. So I’ll chime in for once. More specifically an investigator who specializes in digital forensics. They must also be “trial ready” to support their findings in front of a judge. If in Texas, there is only one investigator I would trust. She is well respected in her field and a really good person.

    I’ll add that this almost broke me, I lost it all. Everything. But I had one person who steered me in the right direction and had my back. You are here because you know someone who is going through it too, be that person.


  2. Public Disclosure is our right as defendants. The police are creating probable cause where none exists. The net nanny stings are a witch hunt. Men took plea deals and prison for years without full disclosure from prosecutors and the police. Truly do not trust your attorney to defend you. Fully investigate your case.

    Our elected officials denying public disclosure requests.



  3. Experts in the field has said that OUR is a “criminal enterprise from day one”. Not sure they started out with good intentions. Many feel they created victims in the third world countries they go to, create crimes where none existed. I guess they have done the same here in the USA.


  4. I sure hope so because it seems like the more we fight the stronger they get and the more lives they ruin. We need a big win somewhere and fast! We need a turn of the tides for once


  5. You mean Texas DPS (state police) is corrupt, and there is evidence they lied and tried to cheat to win this case?
    No way! We would have never guessed that about them here in Texas!
    (Extreme sarcasm)

    TX DPS is involved in all of these fake cases in Texas. There’s a good chance their training came from Operation Underground Railroad. It’s all the same tactics.
    How can so many courts and lawyers still be so clueless about this?


  6. Happy to hear D’s outcome i gave up last week after 4 1/2 years i pleaded guilty but good news is the detective running the stings is no longer with the department finally i can hopefully begin to move forward


  7. I stumbled across this blog and am in a similar situation except in. my case its on of those knucklehead vigilante YouTubers. I chatted for almost an hour before the allegedly dropped their age, and that was when I was en route to the meet. I did not see the age until I scrolled back to look for a house number which wasn’t. on the street. At that point someone came after me and verbally attacked me accusing me of all kinds of ridiculous bullshit. I didn’t know the person was filming but the video was posted on you tube for the world to see. I didn’t learn of the YouTube thing until two months later when someone spotted me on it. Humiliated was the least of my worries, because a month later (4. months after the incident) I was arrested and charged with 5 felonies. Now here is the kicker. In PA the statute 6318 clearly states that a crime has been committed if you make contact with a minor or a law enforcement officer acting as a minor. Obviously a vigilante is non of that. To further illustrate there was an article in the local newspaper about this vigilante before my arrest. The newspaper reached out the the Attorney General of PA (who is now our governor) and even they confirmed it. I have two lawyers defending me but even they are perplexed as to why these charge were filed. Discovery provided nothing more than a video and chat log which show the time which the age was texted, clearly when I’m driving. Even if a person is supposed to read minds and know what someone is texting before you read it and not allow time of the human mind to process information, the law is there and it’s clear. There’s so much more to the case than I wan’t to bore you with, but even with my next scheduled court date is next month and I have no idea what to expect. Stumbling upon this blog was part of me looking for more information regarding this BS. I’m prepared to contact the ACLU all the way to the governors office because to me this is nothing more that prosecutorial misconduct and takes aways the civil rights of me and roughly 30 others they charged the past two years from this particular vigilante. If anyone has any information they can help me with I greatly apprciate it.


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