I apologize for my absence. I have been blogging here for the last two and a half plus years. This is the first time I have gone a whole month without a post. In truth 2021 is starting out rough for me and mine. But maybe things will turn around soon. One can hope!

And in this post I want to commend and congratulate our friends Matthew and his mother Krystal. Matthew’s case has now been DISMISSED!

A case can be dismissed at the request of the prosecution, which is what happened in this case. When this happens the prosecution will write a letter stating that ‘In the Interest of Justice’ they are recommending the case be dismissed.

This is similar to the police saying ‘We are not going to press charges’ but I have yet to hear that phrase come out in any proactive sex stings. As you know, Justice really has no place in these cases. Even where the prosecution recommends the dismissal of the case ‘In the interest of Justice’ there is no justice. And that is by design – design of the police, prosecutors, administration, judges, and the DOJ itself – for allowing this farce to continue. Everyone who is COMPLICIT in these prosecutions is a zealot. While I cannot condone nor empathize with zealots, at least there is a method to their madness. Many of these people actually BELIEVE they are doing the right thing by twisting and perverting the truth and our laws.

In a lot of ways, to me, those COMPLACENT are more to blame than those COMPLICIT! Why is it that in every generation it’s our youth that brings about change? Because they have not yet become complacent. They are still thinking with an open mind. About what is truly good or bad, right or wrong – not worried about quid pro quo, rocking the boat, upsetting the apple cart.

Complacent people are the ones we need to teach and reach. Complacent people KNOW these aren’t right. Not the people caught in these – we know it cause we’ve lived it. I’m talking about the people with a conscience who say ‘why are we doing this again?’ These people need to step up, and we need to help them do so.

The problem with complacent, in these situations, is that our sons, fathers, brothers, and loved ones lives are already impacted, if not ruined, by the time the prosecutor admits ‘In the Interest of Justice’

IN THE INTEREST OF JUSTICE we must not stop advocating until proactive sex stings are completely stopped, or at a minimum are required to follow strict rules that ensure only persons truly intending to harm children are arrested.

4 thoughts on ““In the Interest of Justice”

  1. Good news for Matthew & Krystal!
    I apologize for asking in the comment section, but it does not appear you have a contact option. If you are open to an exchange, would you please email me? Thanks and best wishes.


  2. That’s great news..
    DJ is awaiting Appeals court decision on his case.but new lawyers called out US Atty for using things is case that were forbidden and known lies.also called out investigator for “Misrepresentation” of evidence.. damn they can’t even say CID, KY investigator, and prosecutor committed perjury. Just misrepresented evidence.


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