Its that time of year, New years Eve, where we reminisce about years gone by, especially the one whose demise is upon us….oh to be free of 2020!!

This year in review – my son Jace was released from prison, for a ‘thought crime’ he did not think – on January 2nd. We were accompanied by both my boyfriend Jim, and the award winning journalist for the New York Times Mike Winerip. I am thankful for their support, throughout Jace incarceration, at the time of his release, and today. They are, and have been, rocks to grab hold of as my river of shock and despair threaten to drag me under.

I’d like to remember all who have helped me through the last year, and last almost four years, where my life has collided with corruption, injustice, and the uphill climb named ‘advocacy’. It’s been a challenge, but so many have stood by me through it all. My sisters Reen and Sally, my old friends Diana, Laurie, Rich. My newer friends – Michelle, Rick, Annie. You are all appreciated.

One hears a lot of stories of betrayal when this particular question arises in a relationship. When trying to warn the throng of righteous conformists, on Dr. Phil’s facebook page this month, who felt fit to explain what scum my son is, and how delusional and toxic I am in defending him, I met a woman who’s nephew had encountered the same circumstance. She proudly told me how she had cut all ties with the vile family member. I cried for her sister who so needed her support, and her nephew who was most likely, unjustly ostracized, by first society and then his own family. I cried for her lack of love and support for those who most relied on her. And I thanked whatever higher power granted me the support of friends and family, when many doors closed on me, and my eldest.

But I most want to thank those friends who have found me BECAUSE of this trauma, not in spite of it. There are those kindred spirits who recognize in each other the truth – Aracely, Dan, Bruce, Joanne, Becky and Tyler, Heidi – you all have become so very dear to me during this past year. Together we have made a difference! Both WA and UT have cut ties with O.U.R. . Our appeals both in and out of court are shining a light, and slowly opening understanding and empathy. Together we are strong. Together we will see this through.

And then there is still yet another level of friendship. One that seemed to appear out of thin air, to help hold us up and shield our fragile state, in a way so very unexpected. I can only consider these souls to be our angels.

To find a FRIEND who not only supports you, but to the point of cutting off their own family who refuses to listen to right and wrong?!?! Can any of us expect such a gift? Such support, loyalty, love? No – it is already asking a lot of the family you know to stick by you, but friends putting you above family because they KNOW THE TRUTH about you? That is a level above – a person who lives by their belief in others without corruption of public opinion. Someone not involved but knows the WORTH of you, and thus proves that their worth is made of gold.

Todays wish for you all is that your new year is filled with such love and understanding as you have yet to experience. The joy of new friendships. The satisfaction of legal reform achieved. The wholeness that each of you know your worth, as I see you – amazing, wonderful people.

Simon – this one’s for you. May we all grow into such compassionate friends to others as you have been to my son. Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Should old acquaintance be forgot?

  1. I believe it’s the hard times when you find out who your friends really are. The people who are there for you no matter what. Not just the people who use you to prop them up, but the ones who prop you up.
    Happy New Year and here’s to better times! They are on the horizon, as long as we still have real friends.


  2. Great job Kathleen. Good way to dump this lousy year and appreciate all that is good about it. We have gained some wonderful friends and supporters. Here is to a new and better new year. I am very proud of you. Your cowboy.

    On Thu, Dec 31, 2020, 4:26 PM The Lady Justice Myth wrote:

    > LadyJusticeMyth posted: ” Its that time of year, New years Eve, where we > reminisce about years gone by, especially the one whose demise is upon > us….oh to be free of 2020!! This year in review – my son Jace was > released from prison, for a ‘thought crime’ he did not think ” >


  3. Kathleen, you have been an inspiration to us all. We have all been lucky to have one another, and we are all especially lucky to have you, who brought us all together to support one another and for us to fight this injustice together. We are much more effective together than we are alone. We have all learned so much from this experience and from one another.
    It’s so good to keep seeing more and more of the truth continue to be revealed. Without one another, it would have taken much longer for all these truths that are now being revealed to come out. We can’t wait 30 years for people to catch up and wake up to these truths. Together we can make this happen a lot sooner than it would’ve happened without one another.
    The lies police and prosecutors have been telling are now being exposed, and it will all finally reach a point to where it’s so clear, anybody that tries to deny these truths will look and feel like a fool for even trying.
    These sex stings conducted on adult sites, where police have pretended to be catching child predators, are nothing more than a scam. There is absolutely no doubt left about that. We just need to help everybody else see that too. We need to clear up the lies they’ve been made to believe.
    No, the situations police create to trap individuals on adult sites are NOT situations that would’ve ever happened in real life. It is a fact that these situations have never happened before. There is absolutely no documented evidence of this. This is just what people have been made to believe or people have willingly changed these situations in their minds to make themselves believe that they are situations that could happen in real life, because it’s just too difficult (and even embarrassing) to accept and admit that what police have done is as ridiculous as it is. It’s difficult to accept that we have allowed for police to get away with wasting so much time, energy, and resources on something so extremely ridiculous like what they’ve done in these cases. That’s the real truth about these sex sting cases.
    It’s also difficult for people to accept that they (themselves) are more likely to be a real risk to children than most of the guys who were trapped in this scam are. It’s a reality many people just don’t like. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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