I apologize for missing a blog entry last week. It’s been a very odd time for me – busy, stressful, uncertain. I have had quite a few new people find me who are also victims, or loved ones of victims, in the ‘entrapment for money’ Ponzi scheme concocted by LE across the country.

When last I left you I had written to all 61 ICAC offices across the U.S. I heard back from 2. And I really do appreciate that those 2 replied, and held a conversation with me. They are Louisiana and Fresno (California has multiple ICAC offices).

The ICAC commander from Louisiana stated “I can assure you that the Louisiana ICAC along with all other states does abide by the guidelines set forth by the DOJ. “

I responded that in truth I have not heard of someone from Louisiana so it is perhaps true that they follow the guidelines in Louisiana. I informed him that we know for a FACT many states do not. He replied with “I can assure you that all of our undercover operatives across the state of Louisiana apply by all ICAC operational standards.” Which I felt was heartfelt. I am very glad to hear that the officers in Louisiana take the rules seriously.

The other respondent, Fresno, was a lot less friendly. I am not surprised really cause I had just spoken to a man out of Fresno. He and his wife are crazy with worry about their son caught in one of these. Their son has a history of depression and emotional anxiety, he had just turned 20, and went on an adult dating app looking for friends. Sound familiar?!?!?

After hearing the girl was a minor sexual contact was off the table but the boy said they could be friends and hang out. No doubt he was foolish to continue but definitely NOT a child predator and DOESN’T deserve punishment. But of course the Fresno ICAC couldn’t care less. They have proudly announced catching another group of predators and are keeping those streets safe! Lets hear it for ICAC Fresno!

Lt. Brandon Pursell, ICAC task force commander in Fresno CA, stated they “do not target law abiding citizens.” My response:

“Clearly you do target law abiding citizens, and then lie about it, when you post ads that say nothing about children and then switch to ‘I’m a minor’ down the road. That would be targeting law abiding citizens. You have no reason to believe, even remotely, until that point that they are in any way interested in a child. Yet on press releases that piece isn’t mentioned. Instead you speak of “stranger danger’ with your quotes about luring in children, when it’s been proven well over 90% of victims are abused by someone they know.
“ICAC detectives say online predators often pretend to be someone else to lure children in and take advantage of them. “

So again, I ask you – why does ICAC target innocent men instead of just following tips, leds, and actual reports of sexual abuse and rape. Are all those cases closed? Where the victim is waiting for justice? Why go looking to make new criminals?
Respectfully, Kathleen Hambrick”

His response?

“We follow all rules and we target those people trying to hurt children. We are good people doing the right thing for the right reasons. You are blind to it due to your sons problem.”

Followed by the real Lt. Pursell who then wrote me:

“Good luck in your journey to stop people from helping children.”

4 thoughts on “Unplausible deniability

  1. The Fresno Department is clearly one that needs to be investigated.
    Good, honest people with good intentions don’t have a need to hide important facts and to fool others. If anything, they welcome questions and don’t have a difficult time responding to simple questions.
    Most normal people can also recognize that there is something really off about looking for “child predators” on adult sites, where no one goes to look for children, instead of looking for child predators where there are real children, and where real child predators do go to target children.
    There is a right way to do it. These sick, money-hungry predators would just rather trap vulnerable people because it’s much easier to do it that way; it brings in much more money; and it must also give them some kind of sick thrill to do this to innocent, vulnerable, unsuspecting individuals.
    Here is a video that shows how to catch real child predators. There is absolutely no logical reason to look for them on adult sites.


    1. Aracely – Thanks for posting. That video is powerful. I agree, you do not go onto Adult websites and try to do a bait and switch. Then you are catching random people who get tricked/lured. Social Media with someone LOOKING for those underage would be more ideal (like the above investigation). Or following leads on children already being harassed/groomed. There are also guidelines – who is leading the conversation, subject matter, tone, pace, etc. Is there grooming going on? And when people are arrested, let’s look at their background/history. There are alternatives beyond Prison which should be approached first. Let’s try to reform and rehabilitate rather then add to our mass incarceration problem and force the states to pay the bill.


  2. Louisiana is not being honest. They found my ex on an adult website, pretended to be an adult and flipped the script. He several times said he wanted to meet just the adult. He gave them all login and passwords willingly after the arrest. They found no other discussions with or about minors, no images of minors or anything else involving a minor. He raised female children and help raise many more. Those now young adults and the community came out in support of him. They still pursued him like he was a monster. I could go on and on about all the shady things they did.


    1. Damn B – I thought maybe we had found a state with a conscience – you’ve dashed my dreams 😦 I’m so sorry to hear of your ex’s troubles. If only the police could keep us safe from themselves!!


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