Thank you Mike Winerip.

The much anticipated article, that Mike and all of us here fighting this racket up in WA state have been working on for TWO YEARS, is finally here!!

Please read and pass along to everybody you know, and even some you don’t!

Thank you all for your unrelenting support of Jace, myself, and others all caught in this government sanctioned terrorism of our loved ones. May this bring us all a moment of redemption, validation, and yes, even revenge.

But more importantly, may this article be a vehicle for lasting change.

9 thoughts on “It’s about (the new york) Time(s)!

  1. Thank you so much for this eye opening article funny Nashua nh just got a new icac k9 I guess dogs can go online too now


  2. Thank you for this eye opener. On another not Nashua NH has re started there stings and now invested in a icac k9 


  3. Congratulations to Mike, Jace and you Kathleen, it’s been a long difficult road, and I admire your strength of character and courage. I’ve always believed in my Nephew Jace, especially now after sitting through this sham of a trial by Media and Federal Funding… and to you Mike, my family is forever in your debt for giving us a voice!


  4. Just can’t get over how cynical all these people are. Mormons, the NSA, the DA, judges, cops, Navy Seals, all the way down the line – just a bunch of corrupt, completely bereft of integrity, absolutely unapologetic, totally shameless f-ing hucksters. Ruining lives for a living. AMERICA IS A FAILED STATE


  5. I was very sorry to read about what happened to Jace. He is lucky to have such a wonderful, devoted mother. Thanks to the NYT for the story and the attention on this topic.


  6. I’m incredibly Thankful this article has finally been completed and published! Kudos to the Journalist and New York Times for not only even considering this article but the time and effort with being involved with it’s research, let alone publishing it! To my Family, you know I’ve got your Six all the way. You’re Rock Stars in my book. Much Love!!!


  7. I applaud the NYT and Mr Winerip for presenting the facts of these highly questionable if not illegal operations.I am sickened at what they did to a good kid who was doing a good job of growing up and getting himself into this overwhelming world we all live in. What ever happened to probable cause, warrants and the law? Not needed for Rodriguez and his OUR buddies. I understand there must be an oversight committee? Is this just who ever raises their hand first? Who is approving this lawlessness? It makes me sick at the ruination of lives, the ruination of communities, the hate and fear mongering by the WSP. The press releases I saw state “over 70 agencies’ participated in the stings!!!’ Shocking!! So they HAD to arrest, lure, entice at any cost to get these men to “say something” and to “travel” show intent. Sounds like Rodriguez really had fine tuned his operations. I assume this was from the money flooding in from OUR. The intent is clear. OUR was on a major push to build their brand. This done by destroying not only 300 men’s lives but their entire families. All the while the police, prosecutors are mocking these people and their families. How many were thrown into poverty? Food stamps? Homeless? Shunned in their hometowns? Kicked out of churches? A bunch of macho men playing with their long guns short guns their fancy expensive equipment to have fun and chat in some targets. Obviously the targets were anyone who clicked on an ad. the pressure on these guys must have been relentless. Love to see how far these “detectives” went to get their arrest numbers high so OUR would be kept happy. Keep us safe from the bad guys?? We’re looking in the wrong place. They are the detectives out there in cyber space doing any thing to create intent, criminals and destroy lives for centuries to come. Oh yes. and you’ll pay for them for the rest of their lives. It’s called job security for the police, prison, CCO’s. The corruption is the highest I’ve seen. Welcome to Washington state.
    Defund the police and their crooked unions. Defund the prison complex. Shame on Washington state. I don’t feel more safe from these net nanny arrests, I feel unsafe and afraid of the police and the organizations we have let take over the WSP. Defund WSP.


  8. My son Daniel is also in this same boat no mention of children were involved until way into conversation. And again no criminal history.but 8yrs military. In in KY they lost evidence violated state and federal well as perjury. But 2yrs later trial lasted 2day. He got 16yrs today is his 27th birthday. The article hit a lot of points.and the “he traveled to location.” According to 6th circuit.not a requirement needed to prove intent.


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