This post was on briefly a while back. At that time Joe was being sentenced and asked me to pull the article until the judge had made a determination. Joe is now in prison…. here is his story.

Right after Peek-A-Boo, you learn Role Play. We’ve always done it, it’s how children learn. Did you play school house teacher when you were a kid? Cowboys and Indians? Did you wear the silver star? My friends and I used to play Grocery store – one of us being the register attendant, the other being the shopper.

Indoor playground Pretend Play Grocery Shopping Fun for Kids ...

We also played ‘House’. And of course like most other kids, we played ‘Doctor’. Both house and doctor are what I think of as crossing the line into sexuality. These two games pull strongly on personal relationships and physical intimacy.

According to child development experts:

” Putting on a stethoscope and grabbing a toy medical bag can allow children the opportunity to explore what it’s like to take care of those around them. Virtually every scenario is ripe with the chance for children to see what kind of interactions they are drawn to the most – something which will come into play quite a bit in the years to come.”

As we all know, these games can, and do, cross into early sexual experimentation.

Your child is “playing doctor” with a friend |Teaching healthy ...

It is not taboo. It is not illegal. Child development experts, as well as both child and adult therapists use role play to aid in recovery, understanding, exploring, and healing. It’s really no surprise that many adults include a healthy dose of role play in their intimate, sexual relationships. As the saying goes – two consenting adults…..

Why would law enforcement target such activity?

This is the story of Joe. Joe is a regular single guy – holds a job, owns a home, enjoys the company of a woman. Joe is also a smart guy and understands that adult women enjoy sexual role play as do adult men. Why not use that fact to his advantage????

Official Cart Pony Play Fetish Gear, Ponyplay Adult Roleplay Kink ...

So Joe places an ad in Craigslist Casual Encounters advertising explicitly that he is interested in role play. He gets a LOT of response and enjoys the company of beautiful, both young and older, ADULT woman over the years. He is not a great looking guy – middle aged with all that entails – but he has found a niche that woman feel safe and comfortable responding to.

Like dressing as a kitten? Want to wear a diaper? Enjoy that french maid costume? Want a ‘daddy dom’? Whatever your fantasy, Joe’s your guy!

When the undercover police answer his ad, he has no reason to think he’s being addressed by anyone other than a woman searching for role play. She types with a lot of buzz words, misspellings, and incomplete sentences? Role Play. She says she’s a minor? Role Play. She says her moms not home, come over? Role Play. She says shes a virgin? Role Play.

fat french maid | I Of The Tigress

There’s no reason to NOT think it’s all role play on an adults only website. Joe thought it was. So did Jace, Sebastian, Jeff, Lex, John, Shaun, and thousands of others. Yet they all got arrested for participating in legal, adult correspondence. They are all being convicted by money induced prosecutions, facilitated through lies (both by omission and outright). Public opinion having been shaped through the scientifically proven, false propaganda of Stranger Danger.

Joe is set to have his day in court today. He does not feel he is strong enough to tempt fate with a jury trial, whose mandatory minimum sentence is six years. He is hoping to plead guilty to a lessor charge of ‘communicating with a minor for immoral purposes’ and serving 13 months.

Only 13 months, with registration as a sex offender, for doing absolutely nothing wrong or illegal. As he told me himself – the state wants his pound of flesh and they will take nothing less.

A Pound Of Flesh And Nothing Less by Ricochet on Amazon Music ...

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