I was listening to a radio station in the last few weeks, and heard the phrase –

“100% true, American made, fake news”

Or something close to that. I laughed out load, alone, in my car – I found it that funny. The scary thing is its true – Americans make fake news. It’s not new, in this country or the world, to create fake news. It used to be called ‘Propoganda’.

prop·a·gan·da/ˌpräpəˈɡandə/ noun: propaganda : Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

It’s what I currently refer to as ‘fear mongering’. Taking a small piece of truth and spinning it into something menacing and completely out of proportion.

Have you ever seen a drop of liquid sugar spun into a cotton candy cone?

Image result for cotton candy

Or perhaps a better analogy, have you ever seen one small spider spin a huge web?

Image result for spider spinning web

Fear mongering is taking a piece of something well known, ignoring that it has been empirically proven incorrect, and spinning it to use it as a tool for gain. Take for instance the consistently quoted fear of ‘Stranger Danger’. Statistically proven to be a fractional risk over known acquaintances in reference to child abduction and abuse. Yet this non fact slogan is used constantly by police and media alike.

Image result for stranger danger

So today, when I saw this reporters story on parent shaming and raising responsible kids – I was again reminded of how much the police, and media push that lie – and make money off of the public’s misconception about such statistics – in this case actually arrest a mother for a non crime with trumped up charges of neglect and abandonment.

Raise your hand if you went to play in a park, rode your bikes, met up with friends, etc without your parents supervision for hours on end at the age of 9. I did.

Was I accosted as a child? Yup. The sad truth is most women have been. But not during any of those times. And not because a stranger approached me.

5 thoughts on “Honest Reporting?

  1. Until we have laws in place to protect us all from self serving, ego maniac, ill-intended people working in our legal system, this will all continue to happen, because it’s just a very easy way for them to feed their egos, because it’s so easy to get away with it.
    It’s certainly not smart, because the bad things you do against others will always catch up to you, but narcissists just don’t think about things like that. They just feel sorry for themselves and expect for others to feel sorry for them too when things like this finally do catch up to them.


  2. This is happening as we speak in Nashua NH arrest by the dozens and the news and social media is eating it up press conferences etc but what they don’t tell you is these detective’s are posing as 30 and 40 yo on adult only websites. Then waiting onsite till perp shows up then saying there 13-14 then arresting the perp. Not giving them a chance to leave. Now they just lost there funding last year and pressured the governor to continue funding which he did and the arrest’s are soaring. But again you are only hear one side of the story.


    1. Hi someone – do we know anyone caught in one of these so we care share their story? It is my belief, as with Jace, Ezra, and Bryan – that the police – backed by the media, and utilizing the ignorance of the public on these – feels they are invincible – if people really knew this would not continue.


      1. Yes a family member was recently arrested for this and i have known this man for 20+ years and I never once would think he’d do something like this I was skeptical and kinda of stand offish but because I know him I decided to do some investigating myself and I really believe he was entrapped no criminal record great career children etc. The news and social media reported his arrest and address his children who are real and not fictional like the one in the sting have been threaten these cops say there protecting children but put his in danger. He’s still awaiting court dates and we recently found out the prosecutor isn’t sharing any info on procedure or icac training and the lawyer says they don’t have to follow any rules for this but are federally funded how does that work?????


      2. Hi someone – i’d REALLY like to put his story up for others on here. The prosecutor needs to be compelled to provide info – we did it and so have others. They are required to follow rules but don’t. If he goes to trial that is what your attorney needs to show – the entrapment and the illegal procedures occurring. Can you please write me at LadyJusticeMyth@gmail.com so we can discuss further?


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